Do oil massage. For the preparation of oil mixture mix in a bottle of 100 g of castor bean oil (more commonly known as castor oil) 20 drops of tincture of propolis (you can buy in the pharmacy). How should stir. Dip part of your fingers and begin to RUB the withers. The movement should be flowing clockwise. Duration of self-massage is arbitrary, it all depends on how you have the patience and strength (arms are in the up position, and they quickly get tired). If you massage the withers several times a day, the result will come faster: you'll notice that after a week your hump will become softer, and after some time disappear altogether.
The composition of castor oil with propolis can be alternated with equally effective means. For example, you can mix the heparin and troxevazinum ointment in a 1:1 ratio and use to massage the mixture. Both drugs promote blood flow, and in fact it is often the circulation in this Department is the cause of the withers. In addition to the ointments, use a mixture of honey with vodka in equal parts – this team struggled with withers in Russia 200 years ago.
After the massage the withers well to tie a neck warmer scarf or handkerchief and take about half an hour.
Make it a rule to do daily exercises that effectively help in the fight against withers. Gymnastics simple, it is simple bending, turning and rotating the head. They can be done standing, sitting, and, if desired, even lying down. Arbitrarily make the head tilts forward-backward, left-right, then turns her chin to the left shoulder, right shoulder, rotate your head clockwise and counterclockwise. Gently, without fanaticism, at slow speed and with small amplitude. You should not be dizzy and be a pain in the neck and nape, should not darken in the eyes and heard a loud crunch (well, maybe a little). If you do not stop daily activities, the vertebrae and the muscles will develop and get used to the loads, then you can increase and duration of gymnastics, and the pace and amplitude.
Do from time to time compresses on the withers. Prepare in advance a plastic film, a warm shawl or scarf. Make the following composition: vegetable oil – 3 tablespoons, egg – 1 PC., one-third Cup of turpentine and vinegar, 6%. All whisk thoroughly, apply on the withers, gently rubbing into the skin, cover with plastic film and then with a handkerchief. Hold 20-30 minutes. Better at this time to lie. You can experience a burst of heat and a slight burning sensation.
Buy at the pharmacy or applicator Kuznetsova, Lyapko. Apply according to the instructions in the leaflet. The result when using the applicators will not be instant, but the effect promises to be long, i.e., the withers is quickly growing. If you take yourself into the habit to use the applicator regularly, it will not appear at all.