Decal (or thermoshaped) can be made of suede, denim, often it can be machine embroidery. In the range of large stores you can easily find patches on any subject: children, flowers, symbols, emblems, decals, and more.
To stick this patch you need to put it on the front side of the product adhesive side down, press with a hot iron and hold for about 30 seconds. Iron temperature should be no higher than 150 degrees. Suede decal is recommended to cover first with a damp cloth and then press with iron.
If the applique is large, carefully pick the best place for its placement on the product. It is best to pin the patch with pins or tack, after which the product is to try and ensure that the image is exactly where you need. When removing pins or basting, applique, moved out, mark the edges of the patches on the product with soap or tailor's chalk.
Well and stay long decal usually only if they are small in size and taped in places where it is not subjected to frequent interference. So after gluing patches it is best to still pristroit added it to the product or at least to take a few stitches. Pay special attention to the narrow and sharp parts of the patches – they come off first.