You will need
  • Pieces denim
  • Pieces of cloth of any color and shape
  • Leather
  • Adhesive
  • Sewing machine
Before you make a patch on jeans, you need to decide what style pants, and what you plan to wear them in the future. Because it fundamentally is the strategy of the repair of jeans. If the jeans you plan to wear in style "casual", they have not lost their sight, and the hole happened on them by accident, then you need to carefully sew and make most invisible patch. If jeans in the style of American westerns, you can decorate them with contrasting patches, studs, and other art objects to give it more flavor.
The first method is most similar to inserting a piece of fabric. The most difficult is to choose the to repair the exact same fabric. Please note that when placing the patch in the direction of the equity filaments coincide. You also need to pick up a thread the exact color. Then to reinforce the structure you can pin the patch on the inner side with iron and adhesive tape. Then you need to stitch the edges of the patch from the inside on the sewing machine stitch zig-zag.
The second method is naselenie leather appliques. This is a medium variant between the invisible patch and colored pieces of cloth. For this you need to cut a piece of skin the size of a little more than a hole. Better if you cut a few leather patches, in the shapes and place them on the jeans in several places under the guise of decor.
The third method is sewing a decorative multi-colored patches. This is a huge scope for imagination. You can take a completely different fabric, but they need CowParade texture: if the jeans stretch, the cloth patch must also stretch. The most stylish patch work if you pretrazivati them from the front, and leave allowances, which will eventually bloom in fringe. Also patches you can pre-decorate with colorful embroidery and then sew them to the hole.