Advice 1: How to learn to sew

Has broken his clothes can be referred for repair in the workshop or just throw it away. However, before you try to put it in order yourself. Small holes and cuts are eliminated quickly and quietly. Only need to purchase a device for darning, suitable needle and thread and learn some simple sewing techniques.
How to learn to sew
You will need
  • - yarn for darning;
  • - fine synthetic thread;
  • - needle for sewing;
  • - embroidery needle;
  • - mushroom for darning;
  • - small sharp scissors.
Get a basic sewing kit. You will need a set of threads of different thickness and structure, needles, a wooden mushroom for darning, which can be replaced with a light bulb or a special device for darning with mounted lights.
This files most often have to sew socks, tights, stockings and other casual knitwear. Finding a hole in the sock, pick up yarn for mending – they are more voluminous and soft. Choose the right color, turn the sock inside out, stretch it on a wooden mushroom or light bulb and start mending.
For starters, trim with sharp scissors sticking thread. Walk the seam "forward a needle" on the perimeter of the hole, retreating from the edges of 2-3 mm. Slightly pull the thread, preobra fabric. Secure the seam, a few small stitches. Make parallel stitches from one end of the hole to the other so that the thread passed through the hole.
Start small darning stitches, grabbing the edge of the fabric and laid threads. Take needle from one end of the needle to the other and back. So how sew rows, placing one row of stitches on top of each other. Make sure that the density of the darning did not exceed the thickness of the fabric itself. Do not close the seam, the stitches must lie freely.
Tights and stockings are sewn differently. Choose thin synthetic thread in the color of the canvas. Straighten damaged stocking darning mushroom, find a flat loop, pick up her needle and secure with several small stitches. Do this with all the detected loops. If this is not done, a hole, or "arrow" will increase.
The small holes you can simply pull, making several tight stitches through the hole. Then lock the seam by making several small stitches in one place and tying the string knot.
"Arrow" close, laying small slanting stitches through it and pulling the thread. Do not pull too hard, the seam should not pucker and gather in folds.
Similarly, you can sew and knit – a scarf, mittens or sweater. For chunky knit will need a thick thread and matching needle with blunt tip (e.g., embroidery). Great choice – the thread of which is connected to the product.
Sewing up the cuts on the fabric, use another method. Straighten the damaged area, pass the needle thread of the appropriate color and make a cut along a row of small stitches seam "forward needle". This way you will lock the edge of the fabric and prevent it shedding.
As you work with the wrong side of things from time to time inspect the front side, checking how it will look like a seam. Make happy small stitches perpendicular to the cut, not pulling the fabric. Stitches lay parallel to each other. Secure the seam and iron it with the iron. If the thread is chosen correctly, the seam will be almost invisible.

Advice 2: How to sew clothes

In order to qualitatively to repair clothing, requires special skills, a lot of time and patience. However, in home conditions can be independently carefully to disguise a tear in the fabric, without giving a thing in the Studio.
How to sew clothes
Start to mend the appliance on a sturdy unexploded place that the seam has not blossomed. First take stitches along the matter on the basis of, and after the across — the duck. Make the stitches small and frequent so that the rows fit tightly to each other. When you sew the product across the fabric, pass the needle under the first thread, then over it. At the ends strongly do not tighten the thread. Otherwise, washing and Ironing because of the shrinkage of the threads, the tissue may harden.
Up a product only basis, without cross stitches, if the fabric has not worn through. If the clothes torn piece of cloth, i.e. the cloth is torn in the warp and in weft, and close the gap as two separate incision.
Choose the fabric for patches of similar quality and color as the fabric paraplegia products. Wash and iron the patch. Put it on Pervushina place in accordance with the direction of the warp and weft.
Baste the patch to the fabric, then fold the edges and sew a hidden seam inside out and from the front side. Remove the basting thread. If the patch is rectangular, then make slanting cuts about 0.5 cm deep at the four corners.
Slide the edge of the gap woolen items as close as possible to each other. A small piece of woollen cloth densely grease with egg white and place under gap. Smooth the repair area with a hot iron inside out.
Carefully seal the gap interlining (adhesive fabric). Align the broken threads between them, a piece of nonwoven fabric iron inside out.
Mask the hole on jeans or sports jacket with thermoapplication — embroidered pattern with an adhesive layer. Apply it over the broken place and fix with an iron. Reliability can also be sewn on the edges for fine stitches.

Advice 3: Why can not afford to sew clothes

Since childhood, it is known that some things better not to do – to give the evening a loan, to clean up, while the journey of a loved person is not over, sew his clothes. It all relates to a bad signs, entailing the failure, but each such superstitions have a reason.
Why can not afford to sew clothes

Sewing for yourself: folk omens

Typically a popular signs associated with any action, predicting a failure in Affairs or in trouble. Mending clothes does not exception, but, except bad luck, it leads to unusual consequences, but rather to forgetfulness, because grandma still say: "don't Shay on itself, sew memory". Moreover, the subject of this superstition is not only for darning holes in things, but sewing on buttons, dragging of the fabric if you need to fix the thread diverging part.

The causes of this superstitious belief is understandable, because sewing and needlework in Russia was exclusively female occupation, and in the Domostroi homemakers was not regarded as a carrier of intelligence in the family, controlling all aspects of life and nothing to forget. So ugly men attributed to the wives and daughters of unconsciousness, when suddenly they were interested and forgot about, left in the oven soup.
There's another superstition about sewing: before a long journey is not recommended to take up a needle and thread, this could bring trouble on the way.

The real danger of sewing for yourself

Most likely, the sewing on it is bad luck not because of the female mind, and due to the fact that in former times there was a great probability of getting infection or disease. After all, the darn wearing clothing uncomfortable, so any careless movement can lead to accidental shot.

It should be noted that technology of the past centuries were not allowed to produce sewing tools, including needles or awls, efficiently. The metal had microscopic burrs and cracks, which accumulate the sweat from your fingers and dirt, and in this environment, actively multiplying bacteria which can cause sepsis, or a disease such as tetanus.
Father Vladimir Mayakovsky died from blood poisoning which developed after the injection of conventional awl.

How to learn to avoid the omen

Those who believe that you can not sew yourself, you can give a little advice. If you really have something to darn without removing clothes, it is essential to perform work carefully and slowly, holding in teeth a small length of thread. It is believed that such opposition will take to prevent all unpleasant consequences, including memory loss and problems with the mind. This, of course, can be attributed to his grandmother's tales, but those who are trying to properly comply with the covenants of our ancestors, is not difficult to do.
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