You will need
  • -Glue Moment;
  • -acetone;
  • unnecessary cloth;
  • -emery emery cloth;
  • press.
Well wash the shoes and let it dry for at least a day in a warm place. If the moisture is completely evaporated, to glue the materials to each other will be very difficult, and the shoes will break again in a few days, especially if the street is wet weather.
Apply a small amount of acetone on a rag and thoroughly wipe material. It not only removes the remaining particles of dirt, but will degrease. You can also use for degreasing gasoline. If the gap between the two parts of the Shoe is large, treat the surface with emery cloth.
Smear glue on the place that you want to glue. Wait 10 minutes, then strongly squeeze and hold. Place the shoes under a press for 24 hours, during which time the glue is completely dry. For repair of shoes it is better to use glue, but super glue doesn't work well, though, and dries in minutes.
If the shoes fell apart again, you can flash it, but make it your own is problematic, in this case it is better to consult a cobbler. If you decide to flash shoes for yourself, use a needle and thick Shoe very durable nylon thread. Try to flash along the line of the sole is approximately 2 mm below the place where the material begins immediately.