You will need
  • Fine — grain sandpaper;
  • soap;
  • — polyurethane adhesive;
  • — the patch;
  • — scissors;
  • — degreaser (acetone; alcohol or gasoline).
If during use the mattress started to pull the air, is to think about what the product has damage in the form of a puncture or cut. You need to find the puncture, it is possible to lubricate the inflated mattress with soapy water (to inflate a bubble at the site of injury) or immerse it in water (if you have perfect pitch, toga, you can hear the puncture the characteristic hiss). The formation of bubbles you'll find technical damage.
If the damage is on the velour side, you must use the fine sandpaper to gently clean up the pile. The place of cleanup should be a bit more of the area of damage. Then it is necessary to degrease the future site of repair, this can be safely used refined petrol, acetone, thinner, or pure rubbing alcohol.
When buying a mattress, the kit should include a patch. Possible purchase in a specialty store repair kit Intex. It includes patches of flock, transparent vinyl film (for repairs to a smooth surface) and adhesive. If there is none, cut out any rubberized material the right size patch. It is not recommended to apply super-glue, it could further damage the surface of vinyl. For this purpose, good elastic adhesive for rubber (polyurethane), such as "Time".
Apply glue to the bonding surface, be careful that he accidentally fell into the hole. Apply the patch on the puncture and press firmly, put the sealed mattress under a press for a day.