Check whether you have cut off after shortening the jeans pieces. If not, pick up the cloth, similar in texture and color.
Cut the patch into a scuff, or tear, which should be a little more damage to the jeans.
Frayed edge patches, you need to do in that case, if it is sewn on the wrong side in the place of wear. If you plan to sew it on the front side (at break), this is not required. In addition to masking the damage patches sew some more of the same in different areas of your jeans. They will give a special style of clothes.
Pristrochite a patch to jeans. This is best done using the zigzag stitch, it is quite small and not very conspicuous.
Remove the jeans, now on the obverse shows only a small, barely visible line. Make another line back and forth while grabbing all the areas where there is abrasion or small holes.
Iron already restored the product through a damp cloth. Now your jeans look great!