You will need
  • - hypoallergenic adhesive tape;
  • - the bandage;
  • raw potatoes;
  • is sauerkraut;
  • - a copper coin.
If you find that belly button of your newborn baby comes significantly forward, be sure to show the child to the doctor. Indeed, the presence of such bulges can be a sign of the presence of umbilical hernias and the normal anatomic feature. If the surgeon diagnosed the defect and will prescribe treatment. Usually it is expressed in the whole complex of measures, including recommended to stick to a hernia with a band-aid.
Buy at the pharmacy or baby store special patch to seal the hernia in infants. Such tools let different manufacturers, for example, Chicco, Hartmann and others. Better if the procedure is carried out by a skilled surgeon. He right finger of the convex portion on the tummy crumbs and will connect over the umbilical ring straight muscles of his stomach so as to obtain two longitudinal folds. The surgeon then put a band-aid wide strip (about 4 cm) in a circular bandage around the torso of the infant. This bandage can not be removed 10 days. After this period will again show the child the doctor: perhaps the umbilical ring closes, but sometimes for long-lasting effect requires a triple overlap of patches.
There is another method of sealing an umbilical hernia, it can be used by parents themselves, without the help of a specialist. Buy hypoallergenic adhesive, for example, Cosmopor E 5x7,5 cm from the manufacturer Hartmann. Apply it on the area of protrusion in the area of the navel, the muscular fold forming is not necessary. Such a patch can be worn while bathing baby, but still needs to be changed every 2-3 days. The course of treatment is several weeks.
Find old coin made of copper, for example, "Piglet" of the Soviet era. Put on an umbilical hernia and fix by using tape. This bandage when bathing is necessary to remove the belly burn with a weak solution of iodine in water and then attach a coin, and a band-aid again. Another "popular" method of sealing the hernia with the use of sauerkraut and potatoes. Moisten the bulge in the navel area of the baby juice sour cabbage, put potato kruglyashek and seal it all with plaster. Regularly change the bandage. If the hernia is not very big, it will be 30-35 days.