You will need
  • - patch
  • glue.
What to do if you had pierced? First, the repair you can run specialists, the company store sold you the mattress, but this is the case, if you still have warranty and you followed all the rules of operation. If not, it will have to be repaired themselves.
For the reconstruction, fit a special repair kits, which are sold with the product, or a kit you can buy in the store. It includes a few patches, instructions and special glue. Before you start the repair, read the enclosed user manual. To determine where damage to the surface of the mattress, apply a soap solution: where there are bubbles, a characteristic hiss, and the area of the puncture.
Small lesions can be patch. For this, the surface around the puncture thoroughly dry and degrease. Cut the right patch, try to use a material similar in quality to the material of the mattress, the thinner can cause a new tear.
Glue, clamp in place for a few hours the patch with a heavy, flat object. We should wait a day to re-use the mattress. At very large rupture damage is repaired with the same type of material similar to the material of the mattress, and on the special equipment.
A small puncture or a cut you can try to repaired with resins, for example, use epoxy resin, but only if the mattress has a shaggy covering. The fact that industrial rubber for mattresses has impurities which entering into direct contact with the resin, oxidized - in other words, there is a risk to get a hole larger than was. Try the effect of adhesive mass on a small nefunkcionalna the site and only after tape a puncture. Important note: resin does not bend, so their use is only possible on small plots without bending the blade.
Try to observe the rules of operation of inflatable mattresses, and they will last a long time, allowing you to enjoy the convenience, comfort at home and outdoors.