You will need
  • glue;
  • Vata;
  • - ethyl acetate or acetone;
  • - iron
  • dry cloth;
  • - scraps for patches (or application);
  • - long and nail clippers;
  • blade;
  • press.
Select appropriate adhesive to repair Bronevoy jackets. Before use, it is desirable not only to read the manufacturer's manual, but also to test its effect on trimming the unnecessary Bologna. Well proven as a glue for Bologna blend of rubber and ethyl acetate (ether acetic acid), grade KP-1; you can also try out any rubber glue "Moment" or "great Moment".
Cut the patch along the length of the gap of the same as the jackets of Bologna (ideal) or of rubberized fabric that is suitable for color.
Wipe the wrong side of the corrupt Bronevoy jackets with a cotton swab dipped in ethyl acetate or acetone. Wait a couple of minutes.
Apply glue to the patch according to the instructions on the package (usually need to count a certain amount of time before compression, the surfaces being bonded).
Carefully connect the joints of the gap, and push the patch to the inside lining of the jacket. Put it on a press with the weight not less kilos and soak his allotted time (this will be indicated on the label of the adhesive composition). Be careful, the joints bolognavia paintings not sold.
If the front of the jacket from Bologna glued the gap does not look too aesthetically pleasing, try to paste on the damaged place the right design and fabric applique.
To fix Bologna (if the jacket is a large rupture or burnout hole) using two patches front and back. Carefully align the hole of sharp manicure scissors or razor blade, then glue from the inside of the jacket cut Bologna of larger diameter.
From the "face" of the product must be applied to tear the patch, just matching it in shape.
Rate the appearance of both patches and glue them. After that it is recommended to cover the repaired place with a piece of dry linen or cotton cloth and gently iron it with a thermostat, setting the temperature mode is not higher than 110 degrees.