Deciding how to seal the tent to the car with tilt body, you first need to buy a special glue, a heat gun, and a comfortable cushion. If the holes are significant, be sure to prepare the awl, thick needle, strong string, or fishing line – this tent before applying the patches should sew to provide high density and reliability, as in this case, the edges will not disperse around.
Currently the questions than to seal the tent are quite common, but the choice of special adhesives is pretty big. Depending on the size of the holes in the tent to buy an ordinary canoe glue, a tool that is designed for sealing damaged rubber boats, or choose one of the three most used modern adhesives "Desmocoll", "Karma" or "Winstin".
Studying various methods of sealing a tent, consider the following guidelines. First, when a large size hole first, firmly stitch the torn edges. Then prepare material for patches, wipe with acetone the inside surface and tentovannye tissue around the holes to degreasing and the most dense setting. Second, properly apply the adhesive on the patch, and the torn tent, and then very carefully attach the patch by stretching the surface of the fabric to her left folds.
Then soak at least ten minutes, the fabric had time to knit, and warm it with hot air from a building dryer and at the same time go over the patch with a roller. Remember that any activation of the thermoplastic adhesive and its subsequent and its subsequent plasticization warming up is absolutely necessary, and without it, get a guaranteed contact in the seam area without microsation impossible. Expensive imported thermoplastic adhesives in exceptional cases, you can use without pre-warming, but only in the case of very small holes.
Sizeskinny seam on the surface of the awning, especially if you used Russian adhesive means not to overload until the patch gets to full, it is not recommended to bend. To patch was quite long, it is better to wait at least a day, giving the restored tent to dry completely, apply the glue to set firmly, observing the requirements of heat resistance. The result is the most stable, if you before any work will add to the used adhesive hardener.