Diagnosis of parasites. The presence of parasites in the human body can be determined by examination of stool sample. The technician finds the eggs of a parasite under a microscope, but the performance of such research is inadequate, only 10-20%. Reliable serological method, when the blood test detect the presence of specific antibodies to helminths, but it is effective only in the later stages of the disease. The most modern and newest method is vegetative resonance test uses special sensors to detect electromagnetic waves.
The disease is very different, can be erased, asymptomatic; heavy, complicated and in some cases, even possible death. The severity of the disease is caused by a type of parasite, the number of infections, etc Helminthiasis are chronic.
The main symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are: headaches, pain in joints and muscles, allergies, poor appetite, feeling chronic fatigue, chronic anemia, nervousness, irritability, low resistance to colds, frequent bronchitis, pneumonia and acute respiratory infections.
Treatment of worm infestation should be comprehensive. It is necessary to periodically clean from parasites. Used mechanical method of cleaning with enemas, but it acts locally on a specific area of the body. Drug therapy is long-term, it is advisable to treat all family members. All drugs have a toxic effect on the entire body, and especially on the immune system, blood cells and liver. Drug therapy is prescribed and monitored only by a physician. Don't get carried away with self-treatment, it can have for you to serious consequences. Very often there is a reinfection or re-infection. Used in the treatment of helminthiasis parasitic devices. The device kills the adults, but it does not impact larvae and cysts. Used in the treatment of helminthiasis and various plant extracts. Currently used three-stage adaptable for treatment in adults and for treatment and prevention in children. At least 4 times a year it is necessary to strengthen immunity and prevention of helminthiasis. The personal hygiene is the basis of all prevention for worm infestations.