Signs of illness:

  • Sleep disturbance, possible grinding during sleep.

  • Diarrhea or constipation.

  • Gas and bloating.

  • Chronic fatigue.

  • Pain in muscles and joints.

  • Inflammation of the Airways.

  • Weight reduction.

How to get rid of the parasites which bring great harm?

In folk medicine it has been noticed that intestinal parasites don't like bitter. So a large proportion of the mixtures consists of plants that contain bitterness. Black walnut and wormwood, tansy and centaury are almost 100 types of parasites.

  1. Milk-acid enema. 1 large head of garlic boiled in 200 g of milk, until soft. Let stand 12 hours. Be sure to strain. Children do mikroklizmy 1/4 Cup of this infusion, adult 1 Cup. The procedure is carried out daily for 10 days.

  2. Decoction of the flowers of common tansy. Pour 1st. spoon flower by popularly of boiling water. Then boil 10 minutes and strain. To do an enema 1 time per day, holding it for 5 minutes. Used against pinworms and ascarids.

  3. Enema of garlic. Grind 5-6 teeth of garlic and then pour 1 Cup of hot water. To apply as a General remedy against worms.

  4. Infusion of wormwood. In a glass of boiling water put 1 tablespoon tarragon and let stand 4 hours. Children give 1 teaspoon three times a day 30 minutes before meals, adults – 1-2. spoon.

  5. A decoction of unripe walnuts. Four tablespoons of crushed nuts, pour a glass of slightly salty water. To insist 2 hours. Be sure to strain. Infusion drink during the day, 1/3 Cup, at the end of treatment to use a laxative.

How to get rid of parasites, belonging to a tapeworm?

Tapeworm is the dwarf tapeworm. Often it can be detected in children. Folk remedies effective and non-toxic, unlike medicines.

  1. Cleansing pumpkin seed. 100 g of peeled and crushed seeds mixed with the juice of cranberries, to produce a thick porridge. For dinner tonight to eat herring is not limited. Early in the morning to take the half-cooked porridge made from pumpkin. After about an hour the remaining 2 hours to go to bed. In the morning take of castor oil 1 spoon. After 4 hours, the parasite will leave the body.

  2. Another method of treating seeds. In the morning before Breakfast eat 100 grams of pumpkin seeds. About an hour later 1 Cup of milk and an infusion of garlic in 2 liters of milk to boil a large head of garlic). After half an hour to take a laxative, and an hour to do a cleansing enema of garlic.