Evaluate the opportunities for your business. For this study the market of goods in the area of your region where you plan to open shop. Consider whether your trade company to cooperate only with the centralized providers, or you plan to do and the procurement of goods from the local population (cooperative trade). For example, you can buy from the local residents agricultural products for further processing (for example, goat's milk, in great demand among the citizens). In this case, you will need to sign a contract with the processing enterprises and, if possible, to ensure continuity of supply of products.
Select the site for the future store. Buy land with painted communications, as in rural areas may simply not be enough capacity for your connection, if you buy land without gas, water and electricity.
You can build a store from scratch, or may enter into a contract with the local administration for the rental of any vacant premises, which, unfortunately, now many in the Russian villages. Do not occupy illegally an empty house. First, it may be in private ownership, and secondly, the reaction of locals to your attacks can be unpredictable, even if you were born and raised in this village.
If you took the area for further construction, you must contact the service for cadastral amendments to the unified state register and preparation of a new cadastral passport. After construction refer to BTI and receive the act of technical inventory of the room. Get the positive conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance and fire protection (can be issued at the stage of design and construction of the house).
You can organize and mobile shop for the village. This is a fairly profitable enterprise, especially during the summer season, when many citizens come to rest in the countryside. Invite them and the local population of those goods, which can be bought only in large settlement. For this you need to place the IPS and care book (in the case of the sale of food products) and to rent or buy a cargo van.