Before you open a household goods store, register as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. The second option is much easier. It allows substantially to simplify tax and accounting. But if you plan to open a large store, which will enter into contracts for the supply of the household with various institutions and enterprises, it is advisable to register a legal entity.
To open a shop you need space. Well, if it will be located on a busy street or in a densely populated residential area. Its area should be large enough not less than 100 square meters, to accommodate a shopping center and a storage room.
There are two ways of customer service: trade over the counter and self-service. Opening a household goods store, give preference to the second option. But it will need to equip the security system. Of course, you can combine both services, selling petty goods across the counter.
Equip shop. To do this, purchase Central and wall shelves (number will depend on the area of the store and range of products), 2-3 cash, cell storage, packing tables, carts and baskets for customers. If some goods in your store will be sold over the counter, it will take a few more showcases and a cash register.
Range of household goods can be very wide. This household chemicals, kitchen-Housewares, gardening tools, paint products, products for small household repairs, etc. in addition, the holiday season, the range can be expanded in various home decorations, Souvenirs, often purchased as gifts.
Join in the search and selection of staff. A small household goods store in the initial phase will require 2-3 sales employees shifts, porter, accountant, and Director.
As for advertising, prior to the opening of the store should conduct an extensive advertising campaign, to attract more buyers. Among advertising media, you can use leaflets, placing ads in print media, on radio, television and the Internet.