Advice 1: How to build a grocery store

The food trade business, in demand at all times. For effective management of business activities in this area can not do without a grocery store. Merchant must comply with modern building standards, to be functional and comfortable for the consumer. The construction of the store should start with careful planning.
How to build a grocery store
Make a plan for construction of the future store. Determine the required area of the building with the necessary facilities. Provide space for commercial hall, storage and utility areas. Keep in mind when designing a grocery store requirements sanitary-epidemiological supervision. If necessary, use the services of the organization, involved in design of structures.
Select a location for the construction of the store. To maintain competitiveness businesses must be positioned at some distance from major supermarkets, but within walking distance of potential buyers. Best of all to build store enough lively place located close to public transport. Coordinate the location of the store with the local authorities.
Select the type of facility that you will use to store. For small traders important characteristics such as speed of construction of construction, low cost of foundations and construction. Such requirements are met by modern buildings of light steel structures; construction of such structures can be dealt with by a team of four or five people.
Sign a contract with a construction company carrying out installation of constructions from metal. This technology is quite common nowadays, as it involves the use of metal profile with properties that allow it to compete with traditional building materials. Check with the builders of the parameters of the future structure, deadlines and quality requirements, reflecting this in the contract.
After the erection of the building of the shop equip it in accordance with the functional requirements. Set in the store counters, showcases, refrigeration equipment, cash unit and other special equipment. After completion of the work, your grocery store will be ready to accept its first customers.

Advice 2: How to build a shop

In recent years, almost every step of the way find an original, unusual shape shops with colorful window displays and beautifully dressed mannequins that beckon abundance and variety of products on the shelves. So you've decided to build your own store, but have no idea where to start. Perhaps, to begin to determine what products will sell in this store. Also it is equally important to determine the location of the future store. Will proceed to build the future of the store:
How to build a shop
Get permission to build the store, and most importantly, the land for the construction of retail space. Next, you will receive the corresponding license for the sale of goods subject to licensing. All required documentation must be in order, approved and registered. Be sure to make a business plan, to know in advance whether you have enough funds not only to build the shop but also for the maintenance staff.
Decide on the range of products that will be on the shelves of your store, and for some categories of customers, it will be calculated.Based on this, select the design and appearance of future shop, which must correspond of the products sold there. Don't forget to come up with a name for the store, it is advisable to make it easy to remember.
Lay the Foundation, then continue the construction according to the prescribed layout and design, do not forget to build a room for storing goods. It is also necessary to remember about the technical conditions of connection to external utilities, such as electricity, water, heat and cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning, telephone and Internet lines, security systems and surveillance systems, etc.
Decide on the selection of equipment that would meet all the requirements and specifics of your merchandise, it is best to order from specialized companies. When ordering equipment, be sure to consider the area of your store. The equipment should not interfere with any of the staff or the buyer.
Once the store is built and fully equipped, it is necessary to conclude contracts with suppliers of goods, to pick and train staff not only work, but polite treatment of the customer. So do not forget that the store lighting should be bright, to better see the goods and the price tags on it. Must be the entrance to the shop trucks. And don't forget about advertising.

Advice 3: How to build a plan speeds

Plan speeds are built to solve the problem of determining the velocity of the body points graphically. In mathematics and descriptive geometry it is a diagram in which the direction of the velocity (V) of points of a rigid body or a particular mechanism are deposited from a single location at a given scale.
How to build a plan speeds
The plan was characterized by certain properties: it is always mutually perpendicular segment that connects the end of the directed points on the surface of the body segment that connects these points. The length of the segments that join the end of the velocity vectors of certain points of the body, is proportional to the length of segments that join corresponding to these vectors point.
The more the scale of the plan, in which the vectors V, the more accurate will the answer to the problem being solved, respectively, at the smaller scale obtained during the measurement and subsequent calculation, the answer will be approximate.
How to build a geometric plane, it is easiest to explain on specific example, as the building and further calculation in each case is different. Overall, the construction of such a plan need to know at least a speed of at least one of the points of a shape or mechanism, and the direction of the velocity vector of any other point of the plot.
Let ABC, there is a mechanism, consisting of rods connected by hinges. Let the speed of t is known and equal to 2 m/s, and V is a perpendicular bisector to the segment HS and the vector B is perpendicular to AB. You want to find the speed of the T. B.
The random point put the pole mechanism - so On, and then select the desired scale. Further, the vector V t need to move to the beginning of this vector coincides with T. O, and need to move it in parallel. Draw a straight OD that will start from the pole and is perpendicular to the line BA.
From the end of the vector V T. To draw a straight line, which is perpendicular to BV. A direct cross another OD. The point at which the data straight intersect, determine how used.
From the resulting cut On and calculate the speed, etc B: to do this, accurately measure the length of line About, and then multiply its length with the scale of the drawing in relation to the real body or parts - get the speed module of T. B

Advice 4: How to return defective food products in store

Unfortunately, the recent frequent cases of sale of low quality products in shops and supermarkets. Therefore it is very important seriously to approach the purchase of products. Quite often at the cash register, you can see the ad, which says that the products purchased in the store are non-refundable. It should immediately be noted that such a Declaration illegal. In case of purchase of damaged products, the buyer can always return products to the store. But quite often the return of products is the process is complex and lengthy. It is therefore important to know the basic rules of returning damaged products to the store.
How to return defective food products in store

What products can I return?

For a start, it should be noted that to return to the store you can only really spoiled food. For example, meat with the smell or sour milk. To return a product only within its expiration date. The expiration date is always indicated on the product packaging. If the shelf life is over even for a few hours before coming to the store to return this product still doesn't work. It is quite another thing if the product was purchased already expired.

If the product was purchased at a discount and in stock, the buyer still has the right to return defective product to the store. The buyer has no right to demand the money only if the seller pre-warned about the defect. For example, if the product was sold at a discount, as he wrinkled packing. In this case, demand the return of money is impossible.

If the buyer bought a broken product, he has the right to:
- ask to replace the defective product for quality;
- ask to replace the defective product for the same product of another brand, in this case, the cashier needs to recalculate a purchase.

If the buyer sees some flaws in the product, but he still wants to buy it, then he is entitled to a discount.
The buyer can request a refund for the defective product.

How to return a broken product?

In order to return a defective product to the store you will have to show a receipt. In this case, the issue is solved very quickly and easily. If the check is not preserved, the buyer will have to find witnesses or other substantial evidence that the product was bought in this store. On surveillance cameras in this case hope not. If it is not present, return the defective product to the store is likely to be impossible.

Even if after the presentation of all evidence, the store still does not make concessions to the buyer, in this case, the client can go with substandard products directly to the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the city, which houses the store. There is already a defective product will be handed over for examination. And if will still be proven that the product is defective, the case will go to court and the guilty will be punished shop. In this case, quite often the shop is ready to meet all the requirements of the buyer, as, for example, to return the money for the spoiled meat, a lot easier than paying a huge fine for selling substandard products.
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