Make a plan for construction of the future store. Determine the required area of the building with the necessary facilities. Provide space for commercial hall, storage and utility areas. Keep in mind when designing a grocery store requirements sanitary-epidemiological supervision. If necessary, use the services of the organization, involved in design of structures.
Select a location for the construction of the store. To maintain competitiveness businesses must be positioned at some distance from major supermarkets, but within walking distance of potential buyers. Best of all to build store enough lively place located close to public transport. Coordinate the location of the store with the local authorities.
Select the type of facility that you will use to store. For small traders important characteristics such as speed of construction of construction, low cost of foundations and construction. Such requirements are met by modern buildings of light steel structures; construction of such structures can be dealt with by a team of four or five people.
Sign a contract with a construction company carrying out installation of constructions from metal. This technology is quite common nowadays, as it involves the use of metal profile with properties that allow it to compete with traditional building materials. Check with the builders of the parameters of the future structure, deadlines and quality requirements, reflecting this in the contract.
After the erection of the building of the shop equip it in accordance with the functional requirements. Set in the store counters, showcases, refrigeration equipment, cash unit and other special equipment. After completion of the work, your grocery store will be ready to accept its first customers.