The first thing to note about promising to open a store products the place is the presence nearby of a large network of points. To compete with these giants you will definitely not afford - the purchase price, which purchase the goods they will be different from those which will be able to negotiate with suppliers you. As a result, they have a much cheaper product, and this factor when buying products is always a determining factor.

Shops equal to your project scale, but are already working to compete it is possible, therefore, the presence in such area should not be a reason for the refusal of his intentions. Check out the range of these stores, try to find their weaknesses, that is, those positions for which they do not satisfy the demand of nearby residents. Based on those observations, form their own product range, attracting buyers missing from competitors ' products.

When seat selection is finally made, you can begin to search for suitable premises and registration of the company (or individual business). The room is best to choose with a small margin of free space to equip the shop storage room and an office for administration. It is advisable to choose a building already connected to the standard set of utilities, then do not spend a lot of time on renovations and alterations.

Against your desire to open a shop should not mind the trade division and the architectural division in the local administration, especially vigilantly watch over your undertaking will be the CPS, will pay attention to it and fire inspection. Try to observe all existing standards, keeping documents in order and monitor the correct operation of cash registers. Neglect the formal side of things creates too much risk and often negates your entire multiday job.

Before purchasing the first batch, you still have to acquire commercial equipment and recruit sales staff who will be your store to maintain. With the first problems should arise, as for food stores will fit a standard set of equipment, up to have already been in use, if your starting capital is not particularly large. As for the staff, the most important qualities it is honesty before you and courtesy to the customers, and at first, until your point of sale is still not in place, it is recommended to conduct the introductory interview with each candidate personally.