What needs to be done before the opening of the store

First you need to draw up a detailed business plan and determine what you will trade. Until you answer this question and solve other problems is simply pointless. If we are talking about a small shop is better to choose a niche, and not try to trade all in a row, taking the example of hypermarkets. You can offer clothes, building materials, furniture, food, shoes, and many other products. Consider the demand for a particular thing, the level of competition and the possibility of ordering products from suppliers.

Next you need to choose a suitable name for the shop, which would reflect its essence and it was pleasant to the ear, memorable, and easy in pronunciation. You will have to order signs and to do advertising, so take care of choosing the names in advance.

You should determine a suitable place to set up shop. It needs to be selected with regard to the competition in a particular area, location of houses, schools, clinics, etc., and also the cost of rent. Transfer store is troublesome and costly, so try to approach the choice of location very seriously.

The opening of the shop: the main action in the beginning

Finding suppliers, buying goods and perform other basic actions, you need to register your company and register store. Should be enough to start to open IE, properly filling out all documents, so that later no problems with regulatory authorities.

When the goods will be delivered in the chosen place, the room is decorated appropriately placed signage and advertising, you will need to hire employees. Pay special attention to the search of the person who will keep accounting records. To begin with, most likely, a large staff, you do not need, but the choice of the people should be treated with great attention, because of their action largely depends on the prosperity of your business.

You have to be the capital allowing for the first months work if not at a loss, at least zero, since to open a store which will pay for all the costs, it is very difficult. Your business should not be destroyed because of lack of money, especially in the case when things are already starting to go downhill, and it turns out to be quite successful. It is necessary not only to consider the main expenses in a business plan, but think about the opportunity quickly to take out a loan if necessary.