You will need
  • - business project;
  • - start-up capital;
  • - the land or premises;
  • car.
Evaluate the market in the village. In this case, map your own capabilities in the creation and development of your business in the future with risks that may arise in your way. Study the market of goods that are offered to local residents of the locality in which you wish to build your own business.
See how your competitors work. Talk to the managers of these firms, consult them in certain matters relating to suppliers, and further purchase of the product.
Think about who you can collaborate with. Please note that you can cooperate not only with the centralized providers, but also with the locals. To do this, plan with them the purchase of goods. In this case, the role of product suitable for agricultural production.
Agree with companies that process agricultural products. You will be able to deliver the goods purchased from residents of the village for further processing.
Pick a plot or premise. It is necessary to open your business. In this case, note the location of the site. It is best if this room will be in the centre of the village near the road.
Purchase all the necessary equipment to carry out the normal activities in your firm. For example, if you want to open a clothing store will buy shelving, cash register, various hangers, mirrors, counter. Also consider how you will store the clothes. For her the proper sort can purchase a steamer.
Hire a seller. Write ads and post them at stores, which are located in this village. As a rule, on the wall of the village shop needs to be posted a special stand for announcements.
Order the product. When you deliver, distribute it in the retail environment so that buyers have a good look at him.