Select a form of trading. You can make open display or trade over the counter. The latter option is preferable, since it does not require additional anti-theft systems. Purchase equipment for the shop. You'll need open shelving and refrigerated display cases for perishable products. Refrigerators for beverages you can provide company-producers of beer and soft drinks.
Register the cash register at the place of trade. For a small shop enough cash. Hire vendors – two employees working in shifts, to cope with the work. Monitor the honesty of the sellers – the lack of cash code products gives them the potential for shortchanging customers.
Select suppliers of goods. The best option wholesalers with the widest possible range of products, working on deferred payment. Strictly follow the freshness of the goods, the only way you will be able to keep buyers. Complete basic set of essential products original proposals – for example, cheap cakes, fresh bread from a small bakery or a wide range of meat products.
Go pricing. You will not be able to compete with chain stores low prices. However, you have your trump card – walking distance and the optimal assortment. Set your prices slightly higher than in the neighboring supermarket a small difference will not be a problem for your customers.
Provide additional services to customers. Place in the store display related products: animal feeds, household cleaning products, personal hygiene products. Do not forget about the payment terminal, your customers will appreciate care for their convenience.
Inform local residents about the opening of a new store. Hang ads at the entrances, scatter leaflets in mailboxes. Consider a small bonus for the first buyers – the bags of sunflower seeds or candy as a gift with purchase. Visitors household shops are not spoiled by the attention from outlets become a pleasant exception from the rule.