The essence of the business idea is quite simple. Today most of the products, which are sold in stores, bringing major suppliers or local distributors of big manufacturers. There is a small niche for local products, but are often imported to the competitors ' products can give a serious handicap for the price. This leads to a situation where local manufacturers, aiming to lower the final price, enter the race for cheapening the cost of production. In the result, the final consumer is almost without a choice. Despite the fact that the shelves seems to be bursting with ripe fruit, fresh meat and other foods, because of the technology of their manufacture and delivery they have little in common with the truly natural products.
Here there is a niche for small business, allowing you to earn money in the village. If you have your own farm with animals or have the opportunity to obtain milk, eggs and meat in large quantities, then you have all chances to succeed in this business. The meaning of this business lies in the targeted delivery to residents of the village natural products.
To organize such work and earn money in the village is easy. Post ads on the Internet at the city forum, give ads in Newspapers. Typically, delivery of products is carried out in the city one or two times a week. To the deadline, you need to collect applications and prepare the goods. Prices you can set, focusing on the cost of food in stores, but it is quite possible, and inflate them, as many realize, for example, the same eggs from the poultry farm and taste do not go to any comparison with the eggs.