You will need
  • premises;
  • - start-up capital.
Decide all administrative questions. Register in tax inspection the PI or LLC. Agree on your future business with rural administration. Consider how will be delivered to the store. Often without a personal freight transport is not necessary.
Locate the room. A separate building is hardly fashionable to call a good investment. In most villages, many abandoned buildings that can be cost-effectively converted for a shop. Make sure that the store was available for most of the population. Note, however, that some customers will walk, and the other part to reach by different transport. Better to do a paved road, and in the winter time to ensure timely cleaning of snow.
Consider the range. Most often in the village shops range of goods is small. Try to fill your trade area to the maximum. In one store offer all the Essentials that you may need to the villagers – from food and household products to toys and stationery. Constantly analyze the demand, taking into account the views of buyers. Probably they will ask you to deliver a particular product. Try to constantly optimize the range.
If the village in which you open the store, close to major highway or popular holiday destinations among buyers will be a certain percentage of city residents and tourists. Enter in the range of those goods which may need them: bottled water, sunscreen, charcoal for the grill. Even if these products are not running, you will be able to make it higher premium