Advice 1: How to write a letter about the lack of activities

There are cases when the enterprise does not carry out financial and economic activity for a long period of time. At the same time, making documents in the pension Fund of the Russian Federation or territorial tax authority to the reporting date, the Manager must provide the information letter about the lack of activities.
How to write a letter about the lack of activities
You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - a pen or printer;
  • - personal documents of employees.
Take a sheet of A4 paper. Fill the letter by hand or on the computer. Specify the destination at the top of this document. I.e. indicate the number of the pension Fund or territorial tax authority, and the city in which it is located.
Below, write down the following information: full name of the company, its registration number, individual tax number, KPP.
Make the text of the letter along the following lines: "the company's Management reports that in the reported year (specify the year number) of financial and economic activity was not conducted and, therefore, wages did not accrue and were not paid . The strict wording of the letter no.
In the letter necessarily specify the number of employees. For example, the number is 1 person who is a key employee of this company and working on the workbook.
Provide all personal details such as surname, name, patronymic; number and series of passport, its registration number and information about who the document is issued; the address of residence.
In the document make reference to the Federal Law №167 "About obligatory pension insurance in the Russian Federation from 15.12.2001.
At the bottom of the letter write the name of the General Director of your company (specify the full name of the organization).
Be sure to attach a letter about the lack of activities the certificate from the Bank stating that the money for wages had been issued. Don't forget to provide the pension Fund statement ADV-11.
To pass the information letter about the lack of activities you can personally to the inspector. If necessary, the document can be sent by mail a valuable registered letter with the investment inventory, or the Internet.
Useful advice
Prepare the document in duplicate. One document you pass to the pension Fund or the tax authority, and the other with the date of reception and name of the inspector who has taken the document to keep. In a letter not allowed erasures and corrections.

Advice 2: How to write a letter to the Bank

Writing letters to the Bank does not have a single rigid form, but involves a number of formal requirements that must be followed. It is necessary to specify, in what Bank and who is drawn, address for communication, the essence of the treatment and measures you intend to take in case of his neglect or receipt of unmotivated refusal.
How to write a letter to the Bank
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • printer;
  • paper;
  • - fountain pen.
In the top line specify the name of the organization with reference to its legal form. For example, "In CJSC "Commercial Bank".
The following - last name, first name and patronymic, the line below - your email address and postal code. Can specify phone for communication.
If you are preparing an appeal on behalf of a legal entity, it is enough letterhead or mention of the name of the company and its mailing address.
All of this information, you can use tab to move to the top right corner, but not necessarily.
Title the letteron the basis of its meaning: request, claim, etc. you Can just "appeal".
If the subject of your description is a conflict situation, describe it from the beginning. Give the most accurate information, allowing to identify the employee of the Bank, with whom the conflict occurred, including the date, time and place of incident name and position of the person, if those you are aware.
Specify to which provisions of the current legislation of the Russian Federation contradict the contested action, and what your rights are violated.In the case of a request immediately specify what you need clarification, documents etc. with reference to the provisions of the current legislation (Civil code of the Russian Federation, the law "On the BankOh and the Bankovsky activities", "On protection of consumers' rights, etc.).
State, arguing that the provisions of the current legislation, what you are asking the Bank, then if necessary report the measures plan to take in case of unmotivated refusal or ignoring of your appeal with reference to the provisions of the law, from which it follows each step.
Ready print the letter, sign.
Document you can personally relate to the head office Banka (better copy where you will have to make a mark of acceptance) or send by mail (in a conflict situation - with return receipt requested).

Advice 3: How to write a letter to the Director

In almost all cases, require decisions in the framework of the activities of the company, addressed to the first head. Their design is governed by the General rules of the proceedings. Letter on the name of the Director belongs to these documents, but has some features that should be considered in its drafting.
How to write a letter to the Director
To start, determine the kind of business writing, from which will depend on its design. It can be information, a letter of request or refusal, reminder, confirmation or agreement letter. In any case, start draw from the top right corner of the sheet, which is traditionally given to the details of the recipient and sender.
Write here the name of the company, position, name of the head in the dative case. Directly beneath, enter your own details in the same format. But then you can add the name of structural division in which you work, coordinates for communication. Posted here a phone number or e-mail can expedite a response to your request. In this part you can also specify a brief subject of the letter, the application, for example, about "violation of terms" or.
The title of the document when making business letters do not write, and will appeal to the head by name and patronymic, most often after the word "Dear." Next, place the main text of the letter that is most logical to start with describing the circumstances that led to the writing of this letter. Then please state your case briefly as possible, avoiding unnecessary detail. Only facts and figures. Strictly adhere to the business style of writing.
In the final part of state your request, suggestion, or reminder. What is the time frame in which you expect a decision on this issue and the ways to notify you about them. Sign the letter at the head of your organization (Department, division, or etc.). Decode the signature in parentheses, specifying the surname and initials of the authorized to sign the document entity, as well as his position.
Useful advice
Don't forget to register letter from the Secretary of the company as the outgoing document, if the letter is addressed to the leader of the third party. And as the opening, if the Director of his own company.

Advice 4: What is the financial and economic activity

Every enterprise has a purpose. Goals can be several, put them usually the owners, and are used to achieve material and human resources, by means of which the financial andeconomic activities. That is in fact his financial-economic activity is a tool to achieve a hierarchical, economic and other goals of a particular enterprise.
What is the financial and economic activity

Three main characteristics of financial and economic activities — the number and range of products, and sales.In turn, the volume of production depends on the availability and quality of production capacity, necessary raw materials or components, the available regional workforce, capable of performing certain operations. The number and range of products is very strongly influenced by the market.

In direct proportion to the volume of production is its cost. The more products of one type are produced, the cheaper it will cost every unit. The amount of the product and its cost depends on the amount of profit, profitability and ultimately the financial condition of the company.

Financial and economic activity should be targeted. To be successful, the owner needs to walk a tightrope between what intuition suggests, and sober calculation. There is always a risk to take a wrong decision, and then the result will be completely different from what was seemingly all the prerequisites.

Each company is a complex organism, even if it produces very few products or is small number of services. Financial-economic activity consists of many very different operations. Each must be considered and documented. In each of the financial and economic document reflects the action carried out or the right to it. Financial documents accompanied by the supply of the enterprise, realization of production, activities of individual units, the calculations within the company and SOG of the third-party organizations.

Factors influencing financial and economic activity of the enterprise or organization quite a lot. Not all of them can be analyzed. The most important are the available resources — financial, material, human.

To evaluate the activities of an enterprise, you can use partial or comprehensive analysis of its financial activities. Most often the basis for analysis in certain areas, and complex, are economic indicators, first and foremost is the quality of the products. The object of analysis and economic processes going on in the company, their socio-economic-and financial situation, which is the result.

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