You will need
  • - A4 sheet;
  • - an envelope with stamps;
  • - fountain pen;
  • computer.
In the upper right corner indicate the surname, name, patronymic and full title of the person to whom you send a letter, for example: the Commander of the Caspian flotilla of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich. Departing one place, in the same column, write your surname, name, patronymic and address of residence, email address and phone number. This is in order to response to an official request sent on your behalf by mail, and in case of any problems or needed clarification were contacted by telephone.
Next, approximately in the middle of the sheet write the name of your document. It could be an "Official request", "Request information" or "Information request". Start your demand with reference to the address of the recipient of the letter, e.g. "Dear Ivan Ivanovich!" Then with a red line begin to explain the essence of your appeal. Based on the laws and regulations on the subject. After all, the better you will know your rights under the law, the higher the likelihood that your letter will be treated more responsibly.
After describing your problem, please back up a few lines and mentioning in capital letters the word "please", please indicate what information you are interested in. Write clear, short and informative log position of the person, who come every day if not hundreds, then tens official requests. Formulate your request so that there is no doubt that you ask for. Any uncertainty may affect what you answer with platitudes, and you will have to send the request again.
At the end of the letter remember to sign and date it.