You will need
  • the details of the Bank data the Bank employee with whom the conflict occurred, the identity document, documents, seal of the enterprise, the civil code, the law on consumer protection, computer, printer, A4 paper, pen.
A request to the Bank to start with its full name, the name of the legal form in accordance with the national classifier of organizational-legal forms. If you are an individual or sole proprietorship, write your surname, name, patronymic in accordance with the identity document, address of place of residence (zip code, region, city, settlement, street, house number, buildings, apartments). If you are a legal entity, enter the name of your company in accordance with its constituent documents, the address of the place of business of the company, your contact phone number. The above information should be placed in the upper right corner of the A4 sheet.
After the name of the queryand that should be in the middle of the document, state the nature of the conflict situation that occurred with an employee of the Bank. Specify the exact date, time and address of the branch of the Bank where there was a conflict. Write your surname, name, patronymic and position of the Bank employee, who violated your rights.
Examine the articles of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, the law on consumer protection and on banking-related regulations on the behavior of Bank employees with the Bank's clients. Please provide links to them and write to what extent it violated the law against you. Enter what you wish to achieve according to the requestof the om.
Referring to the legislation, specify in this document, what steps do you take, if the Bank refuses the execution of the requestor just ignore it.
Put a personal signature if you are an individual, sign the document with company seal and signature of the head of the organization, if the request is made on behalf of a legal entity.
Request print two copies, give one to the Central office of the Bank, to whom it is addressed, the second will ask the Bank employee that accepts from you the letter, put it on number, date and level of acceptance.
If you have no way to put a personal visit to the Bank's Central office and give a request, permitted the letter to be send by post to the address of its location. Postal worker put the stamp on the document and you will be able to protect their rights in the event of litigation.