You will need
  • Telephone directory or Internet resources, access apparatus for sending Fax messages.
The main thing is proper execution request. For this purpose in the upper right corner to indicate the position, surname, name, patronymic (if known) under them, but the line below is the address of the official who sent the document. On the next line below the first two: surname, name, patronymic of the sender and its address with zip code (if the sender is an entity, all these details are already available on the registration stamp).
The main part of the queryand consists of text, reflecting the essence of the appeal: the nature of the information or document is required by the sender. The text it is desirable to write concisely, correctly reflecting the essence of its appeal is understandable to the recipient of the written language.At the end of the text put the date, signature and decryption in the form of specifying the surname and initials, seal (if any).
To requestu please attach the necessary documents, but rather copies of them. In particular legally important issues you need to make notarized copies.
Need to decide on a shipping document. In the case that it will be written post poisoning, the letter must be customized (preferably with notice). When sending a requestand via Fax (citizens can use this service to glavpochtampa city) to better clarify the data which took a departing employee. When sending it via Internet (electronic mail) - to call the organization to verify that the document was in the office.