Advice 1: How to make a formal request

Letter-request – part correspondence between organizations or between organizations and citizens. Its main purpose is to obtain the author from the addressee of any official information or documents. When making a written requestand must follow certain rules.
How to make a formal request
You will need
  • - the form of the organization;
  • paper format A4;
  • - a computer with a text editor;
  • printer;
  • envelope.
Prepare the draft of the letter. If you send a request on behalf of the organization, use letterhead. The request of a private person you can write by hand or print on regular A4 paper.
Create a header letter. It includes details of both the parties, title, appeal. The details of the recipient of the letter will place on the right in the top corner of the sheet. List the position, name and initials of the official addressee of the request, for example, "the Head of the Department of education of administration of the Tomsk region I. Ivanov".
The method of presentation of details of the author of the letter depends on its legal status. If the sender of the requestand the organization, details are given on the form in the upper left corner. Citizen, independently prepares a formal appeal shall immediately after the details of the recipient to transfer your data: surname, first name and patronymic, registered address and actual place of residence, contact phone number. For example:"the General Director of LLC "Management company"I. I. Ivanofedorov Peter Petrovich,registered address:Izhevsk, street the First, d. 1, sq 1, living to the address:Izhevsk, street the Second., 2, office 2,phone: 33-33-33".
Specify the mail header. It should briefly reflect the essence of the requestand, for example: "to provide information about the average composition of the team for the 1st half". Print title to the left under the details of your organization. To requeste private individual this element is not used.
Back off from the subject or details of the parties 2-3 lines and type the address to the addressee. To requeste organization, use business form: "Dear Mr. Smith" or "Dear Mr. DOE!". An individual may specify in this line, the only form of treatment, without mentioning a name-patronymic of the reporter, e.g. "request"or "information request"or "request of information".
Write the main part of the letter. In it briefly describe a situation in which you send this request, justify the need to provide you with the requested information. Express thoughts and facts intelligently and without emotion. If necessary, refer to existing legislation that guarantees your right to receive official information.
To the letter you can attach copies of documents. In the text after the main part of be sure to include the number of applications and the volume of each of them, for example: "Application: 1. A copy of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation on 1 l. in 1 copy 2. A copy of the marriage certificate on 1 l. in 1 copy."
At the end of the queryand put the date and personal signature. Document submitted on behalf of the organization, signed by the Director. The number and date of outgoing mail, please write in the special line of the form.
Check draft requestand correct any errors. Organizations often need to coordinate a letter with the relevant staff. Then print the edited version and send by mail.

Advice 2: How to make a petition to the court

By itself, the filing of a petition in the court is not practiced. It is usually served in addition to the already filed lawsuit, the complaint or petition. The goal is to draw the court's attention to any breach or important fact.
How to make a petition to the court
You will need
  • - legal advice;
  • - submitted simultaneously or already filed a lawsuit (at least a photocopy);
  • room of the court case or claim.
The process for submitting petitions in the court falls under the regulation of article 119 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation (CCP RF). According to the law, any party involved in specific court proceedings, has the right to address the court. The application can be done orally, but that it had legal force, it is necessary to issue in writing.
Also as a request and complaint, petition is one of the official forms of appeal to the constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. The law clearly regulates the circle of persons entitled to appeal it to the court.
In the proceedings of the criminal case, the petition may be filed by the following persons:
- the suspect or the accused;
- legal representative of the suspect or accused;
- defender (lawyer);
- the victim;
- legal representatives of the victim;
civil - the plaintiff or the defendant, their representatives;
- the Prosecutor;
- public defender or Prosecutor.
When considering civil cases, the right to file have:
- the Complainant;
- Respondent;
- third parties having a direct bearing on the case;
the applicant;
- representatives of any of the participants in the process;
- the Prosecutor;
- the competent state administration bodies, trade unions or other organizations.
When considering the administrative violations, the right to petition is endowed with:
- called to account;
- the victim;
- their legal representatives.Also refer to the court any other physical or legal persons in proceedings before the court or after it. For example, convicted or sentenced has the right to file a petition for pardon. Or conversely, a victim may request to toughen punishment for the accused.
There are only General recommendations and advice on design of the petition, as the law does not clearly define its content or form. Here are the main ones:
- must indicate the name of the court in which an application shall be filed;
- a clear indication of the parties, names, official names (in the case of legal entities), their degree of responsibility and authority in the present case;
- enter the official number of the case, claim or other process;
- the basis for the filing of the petition;
- the application itself, that is, in other words the request or the appeal to the court;
- be sure to bring proof or proving the necessity of the appeal documents.
The law obliges the investigator, the Prosecutor and the trial court must consider submitted by authorised persons of the petition. They may not refuse the above-mentioned persons in protecting their rights and interests as the purpose of these appeals are the need for full, comprehensive and objective examination of circumstances in a criminal or civil case, as well as providing compensation for crime damage.
Useful advice
Authorised persons are entitled to petition the court for restoration of the missed Statute of limitations.
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