Reference is made on the basis of the results of the inspection recorded as a rule in the Protocol or the act. So take the original document and highlight the points that need to be copied and pasted in the FAQ. It is best not to change the text of these fragments, and strictly cite it to avoid random errors and inconsistencies.
Start making the introductory part by providing elementary details. Copy the header of the Protocol or act that specifies the name of the organization or enterprise. It will not need to do if you have a corner stamp "for reference", which lists the required details. Next, specify the time and place of the audit. Then write the title of the document "help" and immediately under it briefly inform the subject or the nature of the transmitted information.
In the main part of reference report required by results of check information. Most often it is specific items that you can choose from the basic Protocol, copy and paste into a new document. This citation of the text will allow you not to reveal full information obtained in the course of the Commission's actions, and to highlight the results for the data of interest.
Now by verifying a certificate signed by an authorized for such actions of the person in parentheses decipher the signature (surname and initials), enter the title within the business. Stamp of the enterprise, if the certificate will be provided to outside organizations. For internal documents this is not required.