Advice 1: How to behave in the army

Army – of course, a very important stage in every man's life. Of course, getting there is destined not for everyone, but for those "lucky" who was taken, you need to know certain rules of behavior to help endure all the hardships and privations of military service.
How to behave in the army
For a need to begin to follow before the actual stay in the army. On the wires, try not to drink a lot, but it is better to refuse alcohol.

Leaving the service, don't dress pretentious. Select some casual clothes. Wealthy in the army not very much, and it can greatly affect relationships with other recruits.

The first time

Arriving in the part, try as soon as possible to find friends. Even better to find a countryman that could help and protect in the most unpleasant cases. Should not boast about their achievements, especially if you are a good sportsman or able to play the guitar. "Santa" can get you in the test.

The sooner you will understand how to construct orders in your part, the better. Then your address will be flying much less profanity and threats. If you of all newcomers have chosen to trips to the store, that is a huge plus, as the "grandfathers" began to trust and set you apart as a savvy.

Do not think that you have been appointed to the role of errand boy, is a misconception. The main thing - "grandfathers" not to fail, then the service will be much easier.

Constantly check your appearance. You can seriously get divorced button, for example. If I saw that from a friend that something is not right with the appearance – be sure to tell. In General, help others and be the first to lend a helping hand. In any case, not crevices on other guys with your appeal.

Try to quickly learn all the ordinances. This will save you from unnecessary problems and give some legal protection.

Useful tips

If the army you became intolerable, we should not lose heart or, especially, "stokecity" on the other. This could be the biggest mistake: the whole environment will be very negative to you, and further service impossible. In this case it is better to ask to transfer you to another unit, but it may not save the situation. On another place of service you will be asked why you transferred.

In the army not to touch people, able to defend his honor and dignity. If people can't fend for themselves in the civilian world, and in the army it is necessary evil. So better prepare for the service, configure your courage, bravery and to learn self-defence. Of course, the recent "bullying" is becoming weaker, but she is still there.

In the morning, eat fast and don't beg for Supplement. Such hate, because in the army no one eats.

Advice 2: How to behave on Commission

To draft the Commission's need to prepare ahead of time, without waiting for the summons. Not to appear before the draft Board is possible only in case of illness, and to warn about it in advance or present a certificate from a medical institution, when you get to the police station. Do not think that only serious disease are given the right not to come to the recruiting station, even ordinary sore throat will allow you to stay home.
How to behave on Commission
You will need
  • - all your medical records and findings.
Collect all available medical certificates, results of examinations and tests, the conclusion of doctors. Some of the procedures are quite long and result of their passing you have to wait a long time, so prepare to enter the military to advance. You will put on military records at the age of seventeen, and then start thinking about the recruiting Commission.
The medical Commission has to examine recruits on the suitability to perform military field service and identify the disease, preventing to execute this duty. But often, young men are found suitable even with a number of diseases just because the military does not get recruits. So be aware of their rights and responsibilities, the honeyCommission.
Keep on hand in addition to a whole spectrum of references your patient card. This document proves the existence of your disease, because there noted all the recommendations and conclusions of the treating physician.
Doctors medical recruiting Commission begin the inspection with a list of complaints of the recruit. So tell me about all their health problems, presenting the relevant documents. Make sure that everything you said is noted in the personal file. The law obliges the health care worker to record all complaints of recruits. If your requirement is not met, ask the Commissar to call or write a statement - it clearly specify the cause of the complaint.
The Commission shall send you for examination to a medical facility, as approved by the local administration. These are usually district or city hospitals with free services. But you have the right to be examined in the other official medical institution in which you would prefer. It is noted in the Law on health protection of citizens. If you are in the military is forbidden to act in this way, contact the court.
Don't settle for re-examination, if the Commissar is not pleased with your conclusion. You have the right to refuse medical intervention. Require to make a decision, based on the conclusion of your chosen hospital. Fix the failure from re-examination in writing, keep a certified copy of the statement.
From service in the army liberate young men with poor health, as evidenced by the medical Board. You will be given a "white ticket". Also a reason not to serve in the ranks of the Russian army is that you have two or more minor children. Use the services of a lawyer, if you are not confident in their abilities. It will help you to understand the laws on conscription, prepare and issue the necessary documents.
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