There are discrete graphics card, the memory size which can not expand, and integrated, which provide the opportunity.
The integrated video card has no own memory, but uses RAM on the computer. So before you expand the memory of this video, you should verify that the computer has sufficient RAM. Otherwise, the meaning of its increase is not, because the overall performance of the PC almost does not increase. It is desirable that your system was installed, at least two gigabytes of RAM.
To expand the amount of memory you must use the BIOS menu. To open the BIOS immediately after turning on the computer on the initial screen, press DEL. Sometimes the key there may be other alternatives. Learn more about which key to use to enter the BIOS, you can the manual to your motherboard.
Depending on the motherboard model option of video memory can be in different sections of the BIOS. Basically, you can find it under "Integrated devices". You should find a string called Video Ram or VRAM. Using the keys select the line and press Enter.
Displays a list of valid values from the memory, which you can choose for your graphics card. Then you need to navigate based on the amount of RAM. If the situation allows, you can choose the maximum possible value.
After increasing the video memory, exit the BIOS, be sure you save the settings. After that the computer restarts. After starting the PC the number of graphics card memory expands.