Video cards in laptops

Each laptop has an integrated graphics adapter, which is responsible for displaying on the device screen. Integrated laptop graphics card cannot be replaced, because it is an integral part of the motherboard. This was done to reduce footprint in the housing space and reducing the weight of the laptop in General. Integrated graphics may also be part of the main processor. Today, these graphics cards have the laptops, are presented in the lower and middle price range.

Laptops medium and high range are supplied with an additional discrete graphics cards, loads that move when you run applications that require higher graphics performance. A. in contrast to integrated, the discrete adapter is a complete removable graphics card, which can be replaced by a newer or similar installed.
Before replacing, determine whether your laptop is a discrete graphics card. Usually the discrete video cards Nvidia or Radeon are marked, depending on the manufacturer of the graphics chip.

The procedure for replacing video cards

Unplug the laptop from the mains and remove the battery using special latches on the case. Then Unscrew the main bottom cover of the laptop using a Philips screwdriver, small size. After removing the cover you will be available the contents of the device.

Locate the video adapter that is closer to the HDMI output on the laptop usually on the left side of the motherboard. The graphics card should go, heat pipe cooling, and the top needs to be installed with a special cooling cooler.

Disassemble the cooling system, which also fastens on screws. Remove the cooler and then carefully remove the thermal pads that can also be fixed with special latches or screws.
Removing the cooling system should be done carefully to avoid damaging the graphics chip.

Unscrew the screws securing the Board and carefully remove the graphics card from the slot. Remove thermal cover and install it on a new graphics card in accordance with the location of the RAM device, which must be located on the edges of the Board.

Apply thermal grease on the graphics chip located in the center of the adapter. Install the graphics card into the slot of the video card and then install back heat pillow and a cooling pipe, and then install the cooler and close the back cover of the laptop. Connect the battery and the AC adapter to the laptop. The installation of the graphics card in the laptop is complete.