The value of the point at which the student Intern

The value of the selected enterprises as places of practice due to the following reasons:
- The passage of externship gives the student the opportunity to obtain the necessary skill and knowledge. Performing tasks of lower complexity, in practice, a student has an idea of the work of the whole enterprise.
- The Intern has the opportunity to receive an offer of employment from the company, which had passed the pre-diploma practice.
- The place selected externship determines the success of the forthcoming thesis defense. Considered to be the writing of the report of the undergraduate student preparation for the writing of the thesis.

In cases where the thesis topic is known in advance, the student can begin collecting the necessary information for inclusion in the work during internship. Also, the internship helps the student in those cases where the subject of the thesis is revealed by the example of the enterprise in which practice takes place.

Choosing the place of internship, the student must also take into account the ability of enterprise documents that are necessary for the writing of the internship report.

The ability of the enterprise to the student the necessary information and documents should be clarified in advance. Such documents include: financial statements of the company (certified copies of the statement of profit and loss for the last 3 years, copies of the balance sheet for last 3 years of activity of the enterprise). The exact list of financial documents you must check with your supervisor.

In most cases, during the writing of the thesis, as well as to include in job applications, the student is required to the constituent documents of the company, such as the Charter of the enterprise.

Depending on subject of study, specialty, proveemos training and practice program, the student may also be required for internal documents: regulations, collective agreement, job descriptions of the enterprise.

The procedure for admission of students to practice

As for the student pre-graduation training is one of the final training test, it is necessary to listen to all the recommendations of the supervisor at the externship, asking him all the questions.
The order of admission of students on externship labor law is not regulated, but the enterprise and educational institution of mandatory formalize their relationship in the form of a Treaty. Thus, the majority of Russian Universities enter into a contract with the organizations in terms of providing places for practice student.

The terms of this agreement, the organization agrees to accept the practice and provide practical knowledge to the student, to create the necessary conditions for the internship, to provide his workplace.

For companies to bring in their own work of the students is advantageous in that, as a rule, students commit a simple, but routine functions. Thus, the company saves time, frees themselves from the current troubles and focus on their core tasks.

Another reason why enterprises agree on cooperation with Universities, is that students work in their departments and divisions of the low-paid. Also, there are cases when wages for the interns during the internship is not provided.

Considering the peculiarities of the internship, it should be noted that there are cases when the company relationship with the trainee, signing a contract, enter in the time sheet of individual positions, respectively overcharging them wages. In this case, the student has the right employee and receives wages in full.

Therefore, those Universities that have entered into contracts with companies advance are able to offer their students options undergraduate internship to choose.

Options often represent a list of organizations where the available background information: the name of the organization type of activity legal / actual address, contact numbers and contact persons.

The student, after reviewing information about potential companies, make your choice, and then obtains the direction of the practice. During the internship the student keeps a diary.

In cases where the educational establishment insists on independent student's choice of place of internship, you need to learn information about them from public sources. These sources can be reference with a list of companies that meet the profile; sites on the Internet, also containing the contact data. The student also should study the media (Newspapers, magazines), websites of employment, where employers post ads on the admission of trainees to the practice.
You need to pay attention to the fact that the post of interns must comply with the requirements of the program of practice and their specialty.

Then opt for a particular company, call the contact phone number. Recommended to call the HR Department of the company because it will determine the need for candidates. Imagine you need to find out with whom you can discuss the internship in the company. When you connect you to relevant officer (this could be directly the head of the enterprise and the personnel Manager, Secretary), please briefly explain the essence of the arisen question.

The company will set up a meeting where you will provide the interested student with information and talk about upcoming job responsibilities. Must be discussed with the company the time required function, and to clarify the possibility of providing the necessary documents: General, Foundation, background and financial information of the company.
It must be remembered that good practice determines the subsequent potential employment of the student.