You will need
  • - threads;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine or needle;
  • - not thick yarn and knitting needles;
  • - finishes: a piece of silk or lace tape, textile brooch, decorative chains, etc.
The first way to alter a jacketto shorten it. To do this, first gently fight back the jacket from the bottom edge of the belt. Then try on a jacket and think about how much you want to shorten. For example, the jacket was to the loins, and after the transformation will be the length of just below the breast. Mark with chalk the border where the are going to cut the fabric. Remove jacket and cut the bottom portion so that the edge was as smooth. If you don't trust your eye – use the ruler and chalk and draw a strip cut. Take the belt and sew it to the new edge of the jacket. Try sewing thread the same color and stitches of the same length, stitched the remaining seams of the jacket. If you want, the same way you can shorten the sleeves, for example, making them long ?.
Another option to alter a jacket to complement her knitted items. Of not thick yarn suitable colour elastic tie the two sleeves of the desired length. From the jacket sleeves and fight back in their place sew knit. If you want, you can also unpick the cuffs from old denim sleeveless and transfer them to your new knit.
To alter a jacket can be more radical way. For example, turning it ... in the bag! For this button the jacket and fight back her sleeves, lower waist and the upper part of the collar so that you get the rectangular double the detail. Then prostrochite the workpiece from the inside of the perimeter, excluding the top edge. From the other fabric, sew the lining the same size and sew it to the future bag. Remove and process the top edge, sew it to the former belt of the jacket. You only have to carve out sleeveless two identical handles for bags and sew them to it.