You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • cloth or fur to replace some parts;
  • - new zipper or buttons;
  • - decorations (sequins, ribbons, rhinestones).
Meticulously inspect the old coat. Find out the condition of those parts subject to the greatest wear: cuffs, zippers, collar, lapels. Check out the zipper. Well if fastened, not broken if the teeth are not at variance whether the load? Inspect the buttons: how many should be, that's all, is there a spare? Note the cuffs and sleeves. They are particularly strong wipes on leather jackets.
Try on a old jacket. Make sure the size fits you. If the thing is too small, or was, on the contrary, large, think about how much it must increase (reduce). Wearing a jacket, make sure that the lining is not peeking out on sleeves and hem.
Update your cuff. The simplest thing you can do is just to cut off and throw away worn-out parts, pre rebuff lining. Pick the right fabric, given that you will need to replace the collar. Tailor and sew a cuff of new tissue or fur. If the jacket sleeves cap, you can either cut the fray part, or to the edges of the fur or pile fabric.
Tidy collar. If you decide to put on the jacket with new cuffs, the easiest way to find the same fabric as the collar. To do this, uplift the old collar and his sample tailor and sew a new item. Look good on the jackets cuffs and collar associated English with a rubber band.
Put in jacket new zipper. Carefully, trying not to cut the fabric, uplift the old and replace it with a new one. If the old lightning lost runner (dog), then you can buy or find and replace was only a dog. In jackets, where instead of a zip there are buttons, and side heavily abraded, there is the option to gently cut the fabric and sew new zipper.
Update the lining. If it is torn, stretched, or came to an incorrect, replace it. Gently uplift the old lining. If it's not deformed, strut it on the details. Buy a new backing material. You can choose the fabric with insulation (quilted with padding polyester) or as linings use fleece, fur. Decompose components of the old pads on the new material take and stitch on the machine. Assemble the jacket with the lining. Try and check whether the lining. Try to keep backing cloth is not laid pleats, but was not overly tight.
Add his new jacket highlight. For embroidery, original buttons, ribbon, brooch, sequins or rhinestones.