To make leather shiny thing, wipe it slightly beaten egg white. Shine will also help to return the treatment with a cotton swab, which should be pre-dipped in lemon juice. You can also try to give the jacket former appearance with the help of a tampon with a mixture of soap and glycerin. Then wipe the jacket with a rag, soaking it with vaseline. These simple operations will easily update the look of any leather products.
If the jacket is dirty spots is not a fat nature, wipe it with a cloth or sponge, slightly moistened with shampoo or any other detergent. From mud will not be over.
To get rid of the scuffs that inevitably occur over time, grease them colourless cream for leather. Will help well as the usual orange peel, if you wipe the outside all faded and tarnished skin. The secret of the peel is that it contains various essential oils that will help restore a beautiful appearance to the leather.
Clean the leather, especially if it is thin and delicate, as frequently as possible. Periodic cleaning with a mixture of milk and turpentine will protect the skin from occurrence of damage. A coat or a jacketmade from leather, may be cleaned with a simple solution, which should be water, soap and ammonia. Then that the product was shining, and should be lightly rubbed it with a cloth soaked in castor oil.
It is much easier to prevent damage to the leather stuff, than to deal with them. So follow the rules of caring for leather clothes. After rain do not remove the jacket in the closet, it is not thoroughly dried. Avoid mechanical damage and try not to spoil the product.