You will need
  • pattern, scissors, pins, buttons, iron, Ironing Board and sewing machine.
For a start, strut jacket. Do this carefully so as not to damage the fabric.
Select the model of the future jacket. Pick up the pattern. The smaller the pattern of seams and details, the easier it will be to manufacture it.
Put the material for the jacketand on the table, in accordance with this pattern. Place the pattern on the material. Then start to cut it. Keep the pattern pieces attached to the fabric with pins until then, until you begin to sew. With the help of the iron smooth seams in the process. This will help you to be careful to do the work.
Make the pockets according to pattern. Place them on the front side of the jacketand then sew them pristroju on both sides.
Proceed to the side and shoulder seams. Then stitch the underarm seam on the sleeves. Ensure that the sleeve is not too narrow. Then sew the collar. Lock sleeve. Using machines, pierce the holes for the buttons. In this case leave a distance between them, in accordance with the pattern. Then sew buttons. Well, the new thing is ready. So, with a light hand you gave new life to my old jacket. Because of this, it will serve you faithfully for many years.