Advice 1: How to remake a jacket

Pereryva closet, don't throw away unnecessary at first glance or out of fashion things. Any thing, for example, an old jacket, it is possible to alter in a new way, while receiving unique and modern thing. It would be easy, if you strictly follow the General rules and follow the instructions.
How to remake a jacket
You will need
  • pattern, scissors, pins, buttons, iron, Ironing Board and sewing machine.
For a start, strut jacket. Do this carefully so as not to damage the fabric.
Select the model of the future jacket. Pick up the pattern. The smaller the pattern of seams and details, the easier it will be to manufacture it.
Put the material for the jacketand on the table, in accordance with this pattern. Place the pattern on the material. Then start to cut it. Keep the pattern pieces attached to the fabric with pins until then, until you begin to sew. With the help of the iron smooth seams in the process. This will help you to be careful to do the work.
Make the pockets according to pattern. Place them on the front side of the jacketand then sew them pristroju on both sides.
Proceed to the side and shoulder seams. Then stitch the underarm seam on the sleeves. Ensure that the sleeve is not too narrow. Then sew the collar. Lock sleeve. Using machines, pierce the holes for the buttons. In this case leave a distance between them, in accordance with the pattern. Then sew buttons. Well, the new thing is ready. So, with a light hand you gave new life to my old jacket. Because of this, it will serve you faithfully for many years.

Advice 2: How to remodel an old coat

If the old jacket tired or out of fashion, you can give it new life by changing the length and sleeves and adding bright decorative elements. A new article of clothing will regain relevance and will delight more than one season.
How to remodel an old coat
Clean jacket from contamination. Use the tools that restore the color. If a thing is not amenable to home cleaning, give it to the Laundry. Treat material machine from the pellets or remove education manually.
Change the lining of the jacket. To do this, carefully argue the inner fabric, make a pattern for new lining fabric. If you do not have the necessary skills, please contact the Studio or the familiar dressmaker.
Change the length of the jacket. Old long jacket can be shortened to the hips or even the waist. Let's see how the processed edge of the product, and repeat this procedure on the new line cut.
Tab on the waist belt loops. Sew a band of material of suitable texture. You can choose a contrasting shade cloth or Vice versa, the complementary color of the jacket. The method of fastening zone, select on the basis of casual jacketand you can use a beautiful buckle or just tie it in a knot.
Shorten the sleeves. You can make the length three quarter or cut them to the elbow. Gently treat the slices.
Sew decorative patches of thin skin in the form of ellipse on the elbows. They are relevant to the clothes in casual style for everyday wear.
Sew bright decorative buttons. You can also replace buckles and old faded furniture.
Decorate an old jacket inserts. You can make them out of lace, knitted fabrics, fine leather and suede or link details to the spokes interesting viscous. Arrange them on the lapels, pockets and sleeves, lapels.
Pin to the lapel of an interesting brooch in the shape of a flower. Use a ready-made accessory, or create a unique Bud with their hands. You can sew from fabric, felting wool to make belts.
Use decorative ribbon or soutache for the design of the outline of the lapels and sleeves. Sew it by hand with small stitches.

Advice 3: How to sew a jacket with his hands

The name of this garment comes from the English language, the jacket is a calques of the word "pea-jacket" (pea – a kind of coarse cloth, jacket jacket, jacket). The main features of the jacket, both male and female, a fold — over collar with lapels, decorative buttons on sleeves, side and chest pockets. For the best fit outwear sew on the lining, so there are several features in the manufacture of this thing.
How to sew a jacket with his hands

The choice of material and cutting of the jacket

For tailoring of a jacket, choose a fairly sturdy fabric, well holding the form. For this purpose, suitable suiting fabrics: wool and mixed, and linen for summer models thick silk for an evening option, and so on. You will need 2-2. 5 m of fabric. But the basic material you will need:
- 1.5 - 1.8 m of lining fabric;
- interlining;
- the shoulder pads;
- 3 large and 9 small buttons;
- sewing supplies.

Pick up a ready-made pattern of the jacket. Fold the fabric in half face inside and cutting the product. Patterns place, given the direction of the grain lines. Detail cut out, leaving all the slices at 1.5 cm for seams and 4cm for a hem on the bottom of sleeves and bottom of jacket. Similar parts will have plenty of lining fabric, not including the lapels.

The main stages of manufacture of the jacket

Sew Darts and Princess seams on the shelves. Zautyuzhte them in the side sections. On the back sew the middle seam. To make the jacket look perfect, you must carefully carry out the heat treatment of all welds. Do it through a damp protohellenic (suitable gauze or other cotton cloth).

To the upper part of the valve, the collar and podbora glue the interlining. Fold one interlining duplicated and not duplicated by laying the details of the flaps and sew them to the external slices. Allowance for the seam, cut close to the stitching and remove the parts on the front side. The seam is smooth and mimetite before the heat processing parts.

Then proceed to the design of Welt pockets. Fold the piece in half right side out and baste it above the pocket marking on the shelf so that its fold coincides with the line. The detail stitch on the sewing machine. Then attach the flap and sew it.

Cut the shelf between the sutures and the leaflets of the valve. Fold the leaf up, and valve over the slot, priutyuzhte details.

One of the parts of burlap to sew the seam allowances leaves, and the second to the bleed valve, loosen them on the wrong side of the shelves. Small triangles, obtained while cutting the pocket, fold inside out and Topstitch them on the leaf and burlap. Fold the details of the burlap and sew them.

Align the parts of shelves and back of the jacket and sew shoulder and side seams. Sections were treated overlong seam is not necessary.

Fold details of collar and sew them on the outside. The upper collar should be a few millimeters wider than the bottom. It is necessary that in the finished product the corners of the collar not curled up. Remove the detail on the front side. Carefully smooth the seam.

Insert the collar between the jacket, facing and podborany. All the details baste and sew on the machine. The lapels turn on the front side. Unscrew the facing up and stitch allowances of seams vrachevanie at a distance of 2-3 mm from the line. Fold the facing down.

Treat the slots of the sleeves. Sew the side seams. Lifts slightly proposedida both parts and vacate them into the openings. Fold hem to wrong side and zautyuzhte it.

Along the slots handle loops for the buttons, but not parasite them, connect the sleeve and sew on 3 small buttons. Sew shoulder pads to shoulder seams.

How to sew a lining

To jacket keep in shape, it is necessary to put it on the lining. On the back of the line the middle parts astrocyte at the top and bottom at a distance of 5 cm crease free fit. Zautyuzhte it.

On the lining sew the Darts, perform side and shoulder seams and sew detail to podborta and the facing of the neck. Then insert it in the upper part of the jacket wrong side to the wrong side of the product. Fold the bottom sections of their sleeves, and hem with hidden stitches by hand. In the same way treat the bottom of the jacket.

Sewn loop on the left shelf for a male model or on the right for a woman's jacket. In the second half, sew flat buttons.
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