You will need
  • Old clothes, scissors, pencil, beads, rhinestones, studs, openwork lace.
Of boring old jeans can get a great pair of shorts. To do this, first pencil mark the length of future shorts. Then cut the leg on the planned line. Shorts are almost ready, it remains only to handle the bottom. Here can be a few options: fringe, lace, patterned edge. To decorate the short studs and rhinestones.
Remake old t-shirt is also not difficult. Take a boring t-shirt, with a pencil draw on it ovals or circles and carefully cut them with scissors. Process the slices should not, that is negligence attaches to the items originality. Bottom shirts can also be unique. To do this, first cut the ACC, and then just cut the bottom of the shirt forming a fringe. In addition, to transform a t-shirt Nachev on it applique or embroidered it with rhinestones. This method is most relevant if a t-shirt accidentally stained.
Shirt can turn into original, sleeveless blouse. However, for this you need at least a little to be able to sew. To start with a pencil on the shirt, draw the necessary views of the neck and arm openings. Next the shirt, cut the collar and sleeves. From sleeveless cut strips for the straps and the treatment of the neck. Treating all seams, start decorating the tops. Pay special attention to the clasp, because in the female the things she is otherwise than in the male. For example, replace buttons, laces or fasten buttons.
A bright shirt will be a great beach gown. To do this, cut the shirt cuffs and collar. Then, the edges of the resulting stand, sew the crocheted lace. In the same way treat the seams of the arm openings and the edges of the sleeves. Can make the sleeve more than the original, zadrapirovav it. To do this, a short distance from the head the sleeve will lay 3-4 rows of loose stitching. And that Bathrobe to make a more fitted waist line make the undercut with a depth of 1.5-2 cm Belt of the robe made of fabric the right shade. To decorate this product is not necessary, because the bright fabric and looks elegant without it.
Housewives of old men's shirts can make original apron. The main part will be the back of the shirt. A long make straps and breast pocket. Neatly the bottom hem or finish with a lace. To add the zest to decorate apron pocket apron with applique or crochet lace.