Advice 1: How to alter an old coat

A fairly common picture in the house the Thrifty Housewives: things, out of fashion or having the wrong size, stored in the closet and take up valuable space. For example, hanging on the shoulders, wide and long old woolen coat and carry him there and throw a pity. Try to shorten it and alter the article to the figure, provide it with additional details. If you approach the work with all diligence, we can give unwanted clothes a new life.
How to alter an old coat
Prepare an old coat for alteration. You have to understand that nice clothes will only from paintings of decent quality. Assess the condition of the drape. If working on the front sides of the fabric no markings, dents and permanent stains, get to work.
Clean product dry, if necessary – with a damp brush. Then dry gently and strut all external and internal seams of my old clothes. It is recommended to do a very sharp razor blade (for convenience, one end of it can drown in the wine cork) or nail scissors. The lining before the time aside.
Amperite and dry all orporate parts cut , then lay them on a flat horizontal surface. Now, the big moment – the creation of new patterns.
First specify the required length of the future updated coat and make a pointed remnant smooth line of the cut on the reverse side of the canvas. Dotted lines mark the standard allowances for joints (width - 1.5 cm).
Note the longitudinal lines of the side seams to close the back and shelves woolen coat. They must pass on the right and the left side is strictly symmetrical! Don't forget about the allowances and on the line, and freedom of fit.
To clarify the depth of closure parts, first try to sweep the flanks of the old lining and put the sample on warm clothes (the same one with which you are going to wear altered coat).
Adjust the new arm openings, so that they perfectly coincided with acetami sleeveless products. Then fight back patch pockets, snap-tab and (if any) other parts of the old product. If you change the size they may not be in his place, and thing will look unprofessional.
Make even cuts parts of the coat, do not forget about the allowances! The suture line should be secured with pins or a contrasting accessory thread, making manually the seam "forward needle". Again measure own coat, then start machining.
Select the appropriate needle for the sewing machine and evaluate their work on the cloth drape. If all the tools are properly selected and the machine is in good condition, this sturdy fabric will not cause special difficulties when sewing.
Sew the bottom hem of the coat and the side seams. Sections of treat allowances on the serger, then Ratatouille. The main work of stirring by the old coat done.
You have to re-pristroit pockets and other overhead items. Lining is sutured on the model and primitives to the underside of the seam. Try replacing the buttons – original accessories can radically transform the appearance of the product, give it a special flavor.
Useful advice
If you managed successfully to shorten and take in the coat, if desired, to perform additional functional details. They will protect you from the wind and lend a more modern look. Take a break from the cut-off remnants of the drape slip strip-drawstring and sew it with a decorative seam at the hip line; thread the strap and use it as a tie. Vsheyte in sleeves knit cuffs. You can link them yourself on the spokes of the elastic yarn corresponding tone.

Advice 2 : How to alter pants

You broke up pants or put a spot, and I don't know what to do? To bring pants in order is impossible, but to throw away good fabric – the hand does not rise. Try to sew the pants for something else. Maybe it will be a children's thing. But it could happen, and some interesting thing for your wardrobe.
Of pants you can sew a short skirt
You will need
  • pattern
  • scissors
  • blade
  • sewing machine
  • needles
  • thread
View exactly where the hole or stain. If the injured leg, no problem. Pants really flick of the wrist transformed into elegant shorts. May be able to make and breeches. Enough to cut leg and hem.
Much worse is the case if a hole in the top of the pants. Think about how you can use the leg. New pants are, of course, will not work, but the mini-skirt to sew you can, if the pants are wide enough.
Cut the legs to holes or stains. Strut them along the seams, wash, iron and clean off the threads.
Fight back zone – it'll come in handy. Think about what kind of clasp you make the skirt. Depends on it, you need to cut the belt or not.
Pick up the pattern. It is best to make the skirt chetyrehkolka. Don't forget that you need to leave a seam.
Take a break from the leg wedges. Baste the wedges to the front and rear skirts. Sew them and Ratatouille seams. Baste and sew the side seams, leaving unsewn a section of the seam for the zipper. Ratatouille and treat the seams. Baste and sew the waistband. Vsheyte zip. Fold and hem the bottom.
Depending on fabric you may need to treat the seams before you sew the slices.

If the fabric on the wedges a little bit is not enough, you can insert a wedge, for example, from the contrasting fabric.
Useful advice
The clasp can be done to the side and rear.

Pants without pockets you can sew the skirt to the yoke. To do this, exactly cut the upper part of the pants. Wedges you cut it subject to the yoke. First, grind down the seams of the wedges, and then sew the yoke. Closure in this case will be in the same place where she was wearing pants.

Advice 3 : How to alter a coat

Your coat has lost the appearance, out of fashion or just bored? It does not matter, it is possible to alter, to give a whiter modern and original look. It is enough to have basic skills in sewing and knitting and shop new accessories, a bit of cloth or fur.
How to alter a coat
Often wears a long coat hem, sleeves and collar. The easiest way to alter the coat to shorten its length and to turn it into a short coat. To do this, fight back the lining on the bottom of things. Cut to the desired length of the coat and the lining and hem, turning inside out 3-5 cm is best to sew the hem a hidden seam by hand or crosswise. Do the same with a lining. Sew the other buttons. From the tissue that was left after you cut off the bottom coat, you can find the valves for the pockets and sew them, garnished with buttons.
From the remnants of fabric sew the hood (if enough fabric), collar fight back and instead vsheyte hood, decorate it with fur trim. You get a completely different coat, and no one will know that you just simply remade the old one.
An original way to remodel a coat is to replace the sleeves. Uplift the lining and sleeves. Replace them with knitting, cutting off from the jacket or sweater. You can tie the new yarn of the right color. Vsheyte updated sleeves and hem lining. The image was finished, tie from the same yarn scarf.
The direct coat can be transformed into flared or year. Cut the front and the back in several places to the line of the knee or hip. Of a fabric or of a suitable contrasting color will have plenty of wedges and vsheyte in sections. Hem the bottom of the product. Of the same fabric make new cuffs, waistband, and collar coat. Change the shape of the collar, and you have a brand new model.
Coat can not only shorten, but make it longer. To do this, on the bottom hem of fur about the edge of the required length. Do the same cuffs and collar. Buy this half a meter of faux fur. Now in the shop you can buy quality and beautiful fake fur. If you are in the closet hangs an old coat, which you already don't wear, make the edge of it.
If you do not want to radically change the appearance of your old coats, suits and length & model, change the buttons and sew the slices in a beautiful braid. So you will give your coat a new look.

Advice 4 : How to make the suit a new look

It happens that people can't buy another costume. Here is a collection of tips that will help the costume to look original every day.
How to make the suit a new look

Method 1. Top

New shirt makes the suit a new look. You can choose basic colors - white and light blue is a classic color. You can choose a fun color. For example, yellow will lift the mood for the whole day. Black shirt to accentuate shape.


Shirt line is a great choice. But it is not necessary to wear a shirt with a fashionable and bold print, leave it for the home. If the creative atmosphere, you can wear interesting and original t-shirt.

You can opt from shirts and to wear under suit jackets. This will give a modest and conservative image.

Method 2. Accessories

Accessories freshen up an outfit, especially if they frequently change. You can decorate a tie. This is the only thing the man is able to decorate your costume. You can experiment with color, fabric, texture. The big plus is the tie. With the look and Flirty, and professional. If you look closely, you will notice that the fabric clothes is sewed from several colors of thread. It should be considered when selecting ties. A neck scarf completes the look.


Men can wear shoes of different colors, or loafers. Of course, it's a little difficult, because shoes is usually standard colors, but if you wear three pairs alternatively, it might jog suit. You can also wear shoes of the same color, but different patterns and fabrics. Finish shoes helps along look fresh. And the suit will be versatile.

Decorations give the image of originality and novelty. Cufflinks and watches for men. You can buy several types of cufflinks and wear them on a certain day of the week and hours. A tie tack can also be changed, giving way entertaining.

Women can wear beautiful but understated jewelry. They have to show a person's character and be interesting. Change the decorations daily. Today, the elegant pair of earrings, a bracelet tomorrow, the day after the pendant.

In addition, all things can be replaced. Combine the jacket with a skirt or pants with a jacket. Add something new to the image.

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