You will need
  • - leather jacket;
  • - interlining for leather;
  • rubber adhesive;
  • - wood hammer;
  • - presser foot and the needle to the skin;
  • roller knife, scissors.
Make a paper pattern of the product that you want to sew leather jackets. To do this, use a commercial pattern from a magazine on sewing or outline all the details of the finished product, which you have. A more accurate pattern design, based on the size of your figure.
Strut leather jacket, cutting the stitches with a scalpel or razor. Straighten all the seams, if they fused, then iron the skin from the inside through cheesecloth dry iron, then fold the edges. Or, if allows the size of the product and the detail of the pattern is placed, the edges do not affect at all.
Before you reveal details prepare your skin. Moisten details on the reverse side with a warm solution of glycerin and salt (ratio 1:1 diluted in a liter of water). Straighten the skin and secure on a flat surface with pins on the edge. After the items dry, iron them with a warm iron on the reverse side.
Proceed to reveal details of the future product. Lay the pattern pieces on it, each circle with a ballpoint pen to avoid mistakes when sewing. Follow the seam: 1-1. 5 cm on the edges of the parts, 2.5-3 cm to the hem bottom, the allowances of the neck and okatov 0.5 cm as well make dress patterns products from lining fabric and nonwoven fabric for the skin.
Disc knife or sharp scissors, cut out all the details of leather goods. When using a special knife placed under the skin carton. Reinforce the cut parts interlining for leather.
To alter a leather jacket, prepared of items metyvit, and how many of them office paper clips. Or join the parts of gluing a pencil to the skin or the double-sided tape.
Before sewing the leather arm sewing machine. Put a roller or Teflon foot and install a thick triangular needle of the skin of the desired size. Install a line 3 mm below too not to perforate the skin with stitching detail.
Split seams leather details. For this wooden hammer to tap along the lines seam to reduce the thickness of the skin. Route of machine stitching. Follow the sequence of grinding of items such as sewing fabrics.
Smooth the seams from the wrong side, and iron them with a dry iron. The allowances apply rubber cement and glue down the edges. For connection rest of the details wait until the glue dries.
Vacate sleeves sew the collar. Vsheyte zipper or do buttonholes. Hem fold and glue, leaving the top of the ACC. Once you alter a leather coat to another product, sew details from lining fabric. Connect the lining with the base, hem the bottom and sleeves.