Advice 1: How to remodel an old coat

If you have a coat that looks old-fashioned, but the material of which it is sewn, high-quality and doesn't look worn, you can redo it and happy to wear more than one season.
How to remodel an old coat
Try to facelift an old coat, this way the updates things were used by our mothers and grandmothers, if the thing is pretty worn out and pooltables. Keep in mind that this process is very laborious and good, if the wrong side of the material can act as a face without losing the appearance. Cut the lining of the coat, and strut all the seams. Wash the parts that have been sewn product. Stitch the thing together in a mirror image as if "upside down" and right side parts left. Stitch the new lining fabric the inner part of the product according to the original pattern, taken with cut fragments.
Extend existing product. To do this, purchase a small piece of cloth suitable for the main fabric of the coat texture, color and density. Make him a rectangular item, treat the bottom edge and the smell and sew the hem along the entire length. You can mark new material under the fold line or over it, depending on the condition of the fabric coat. That thing had a finished look, sew the wide cuffs on the sleeves of the same material. Remember that this option changes to style good only if the coat has a straight fit with no wedges, and the sleeves do not expand at the bottom.
Parasyte old grandma's coat "on the floor" with very broad shoulders, this product is quite possible to find details for new fashion items. Here are a few ideas how you can change the style. First, it is a coat with clasp "butt", is odorless and collar. Locking floors are decorative pins and hooks. Second, it is possible to make the waist the new item and not necessarily in a traditional setting, choose a style with a high or low waistline. Third, you can insert in the hem wedges of a suitable material to coat acquired a new silhouette.

Advice 2: How to make old fur coat

Old fur coat can still be of use. And that's a fact. After all, it can easily revive, recolor, alter, add different accessories. She'll sparkle in a new way. Most importantly, attach the hands correctly. And choose the repair option that is most to your liking.
How to make old fur coat
You will need
  • elements of decor (leather, suede, textile inserts);
  • -wool and a hook;
  • -patterns.
If the fur coat you've rubbed in places like the folds of the sleeves or hem, then you will get an additional decoration. You can sew around the edges to coat leather inserts. They will cover fading and will protect the product from further destruction. Also you can further decorate spoiled thing knitted inserts. For this crochet tie strip pattern, which then can also sew around the edge.
When watertest appear not only on the bend and at the hem, even in this case it is possible to fix it. Combine fur with inserts of leather or suede. Can add for decorative stones or other decorations. And your coat will be like new again.
If the coat is long, it is possible to make a fur coat. For this you need only to trim and process the resulting cut. But so easy to fix it if the coat was straight. If the model kleshenyh, it takes some time to redraw. Dismiss her at the seams, and trim the wedges. By the way, from the scraps of fur you can do more useful things. For example, a scrunchie. Or to sheathe their bag. Get the perfect accessory for your new jacket.
Can be made from old fur coats fashion fur vest today. You'll need the extra fur and lining. Construct special patterns and transfer them to the fur and lining. Cutting the fur, then sew it. And enjoy fashionable garment.
If the defects are too many, you can try to alter a coat for a child. This will require a pattern, just from a children's magazine. And, of course, a fur coat should be completely at the seams cut out.
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