Unfortunately, this material is very difficult to repaint, so if you bought my jacket recently and after the first wash it has changed color, you can try to return the product to the store where you found it. Of course, if you have the receipt. You may exchange the item or return the money.
Can ask a question painting a good scrub. But don't be surprised if you are denied. The fact that the tissue to stain mainly by boiling, and a material such as Bologna, first, can not tolerate high temperatures, and secondly, does not tolerate exposure to many chemicals and, in particular, collapses after use of solvents.
So you have two choices: either leave it as is, and wear this jacket, working on the farm, or try to find a structure in which the possible cold staining without boiling. This can be a dye designed to stain nylon and nylon fabrics, for fabrics of acetate fiber. To make this paint "grabbed", you only have to heat water to 50 degrees.
If you decided your jacket all the same color and I bought the right paint, try it first to make sure that it will be effective and will not spoil your thing. To do this, dissolve a little dye and paint cloth of the same material or, at least, put a few drops in an inconspicuous area.
Before painting the jacket, make sure you clean from the stains and wash, and argue with her all metal buttons and decorative details, that they are not formed spots of rust.
Prepare the dishes and water for dyeing. The water should be heated to a temperature of 50 degrees. Utensils to perform this procedure, it is better to take enamel.
Carefully get acquainted with the instructions for use of dye to make the solution and put into him his jacket. Strictly stick to the recommendations at the time of staining. To the thing received is uniform without spots and color during the whole time of the jacket in the solution by hand and better than any wooden fixture, often try to move it in the tank.