Advice 1: How to paint bolonevy jacket

From a material such as Bologna, which has gained in popularity in the 70-ies of the last century, and still sew jackets and coats. In fact, this nylon fabric is treated allstargame polymer composition to impart water-repellent properties. This is an inexpensive and highly durable material that does not lose its quality during the decades, which, unfortunately, is not true of dyes. But is it possible Bronevoy thing repainted?
How to paint bolonevy jacket
Unfortunately, this material is very difficult to repaint, so if you bought my jacket recently and after the first wash it has changed color, you can try to return the product to the store where you found it. Of course, if you have the receipt. You may exchange the item or return the money.
Can ask a question painting a good scrub. But don't be surprised if you are denied. The fact that the tissue to stain mainly by boiling, and a material such as Bologna, first, can not tolerate high temperatures, and secondly, does not tolerate exposure to many chemicals and, in particular, collapses after use of solvents.
So you have two choices: either leave it as is, and wear this jacket, working on the farm, or try to find a structure in which the possible cold staining without boiling. This can be a dye designed to stain nylon and nylon fabrics, for fabrics of acetate fiber. To make this paint "grabbed", you only have to heat water to 50 degrees.
If you decided your jacket all the same color and I bought the right paint, try it first to make sure that it will be effective and will not spoil your thing. To do this, dissolve a little dye and paint cloth of the same material or, at least, put a few drops in an inconspicuous area.
Before painting the jacket, make sure you clean from the stains and wash, and argue with her all metal buttons and decorative details, that they are not formed spots of rust.
Prepare the dishes and water for dyeing. The water should be heated to a temperature of 50 degrees. Utensils to perform this procedure, it is better to take enamel.
Carefully get acquainted with the instructions for use of dye to make the solution and put into him his jacket. Strictly stick to the recommendations at the time of staining. To the thing received is uniform without spots and color during the whole time of the jacket in the solution by hand and better than any wooden fixture, often try to move it in the tank.

Advice 2: How to paint a leather jacket

A leather jacket can be worn for several decades. With proper care it is able to maintain an elegant look for a very long time. But even the perfect hostess on the jacket in the end appear to be fading, and then there is the need the skin paint.
A leather jacket will have to paint the whole
Even if fading is a small area, the jacket will have to paint the whole thing. To pick up a new dye that would be completely consistent with the old, is almost impossible. Areas, painted a fresh coat of paint, will appear with patches. In many cases you can do without color. For example, a white jacket can be updated with milk, black or brown – coffee grounds, wrapped in a piece of gauze.

Whether painting a jacket yourself? If you live in a big city, the product can be taken to a specialized workshop. Quite often such services are offered dry cleaning services. Better if someone of your friends already use such services. Ask, if its quality service.

The inhabitants of small settlements of choice is usually there, so we have to solve similar problems independently. Think, what color would you paint the jacket. It is not necessary to repaint it radically, especially from dark colors to light. Preferable shades that are close to natural.

Go to the nearest Shoe store. Sold dyes for leather and in retail outlets where they sell products made from this material, as well as in major hardware stores. You will surely find several types of paint. It can be liquid as well as paste or spray. The highest quality dyes are considered to be the Salamander. Fits any paint, but the aerosol is easier to apply. But working with aerosols is better in the open air. It is advisable to wear a respirator or a gauze bandage. To work with paste or liquid paint such serious precautions are required.

Test the paint on the matching colored shoes. Read the instructions carefully. The product before painting dust and dirt. It is best for this purpose is slightly damp (in any case not wet) sponge.

Regardless of which option you choose, hang the jacket on a hanger so that it does not touch the floor. The floor and surrounding objects, it is better to close Newspapers, junk rags or something like that. As well as painting shoes, brush the coat with a damp sponge. Spray spray so that the paint coated the product evenly. You need to work quickly. Wait until the coat dries, and then retry the operation.

The coloration of a liquid paint – the process is somewhat more time-consuming. It requires attention and care. Jacket prepare and hang the same way as in the previous case. Paint brush on an even layer, allow to dry and repeat the procedure.

If you just want to refresh the color, you can use toothpaste. The jacket in this case it is better to put horizontally. The paste is applied in the same way as when cleaning shoes. Get ready for what the procedure must be repeated about once a month.
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