Where better to paint a leather coat at the dry cleaners or home?

Faced with the problem of restoring the appearance of leather jackets, you need to decide where it is better to paint at home or in dry cleaning. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, using the services of dry cleaners, you can rely on their knowledge and skills. However, there are cases when the result of this work is deplorable, and then the client can get back the damaged item. If you paint your leather coats yourself, you can save nerves and money. However, under one condition - if it's done properly and carefully.

How to dye leather coat at home

Special coloring tools required shade for smooth skin you can buy in the shops of footwear or leather goods. Such funds may be made in the form of liquid paints, and aerosols. Do not attempt to paint a leather garment in a different color, otherwise you just spoiling.

The application of liquid paint allows you to evenly distribute the composition over the surface. In addition, the paint dries quickly, and upon further wear a coat it will not leave marks on hands and clothes. Aerosols, in turn, is convenient because when painting a leather coat does not need to exert extra effort. However, the use of aerosols indoors requires special care and caution because there is a risk to soil all that is in it.

Before you paint leather thing, it should be thoroughly cleansed of all contaminants - dirt, grease and dust. For this perfect dipped in soapy water with a soft cloth. After eliminating all of the dirt rinse the cleaned surface, coat with clean water to eliminate any soap. Then wipe the leather thing with a dry cloth. You must wait for the complete drying of the material, given that its seams longer to dry.

When applying paint from a container, you must hang your coat on a hanger. Will be so much easier to paint. Using liquid detergent, apply it on the coat laid out on a flat and solid surface, e.g. a table or Ironing Board. Don't forget to secure a uniform and good lighting, so that when the coloring products are not to miss individual plots.

Before use of liquid funds it is necessary to shake well and pour into flat comfortable vessel. For dyeing leather stuff better soft sponge. Slightly moisten it with paint and then begin to apply the composition of the circular slow movements. You should not drench the skin or after drying it will be hard. To preserve the soft texture of the material in the drying process SIP and his little crushes.

Coat comfortable to paint in parts: first the collar and sleeves, and then the upper and lower part of the back and front parts. It is necessary to pay special attention to the treatment plots with seams and joints. Liberally Pat coloring agent, and the excess of the latter will remove the same sponge.

When you have finished processing coat, wait half an hour and wipe the painted surface with a piece of velvet or suede to Polish leather thing. If you want your coat acquired a matte finish, remove the product surface paint residue, optionally wiping the product with a dry cloth.