People who know how to enter lucid dreaming, observe a few rules. Before falling asleep you need to fully relax, to breathe normally and to present any subject, animate better. For example, running fallow deer by a spacious open space, it is necessary to observe as if from outside. Soon it becomes clear that you sleep. Some are easier to imagine driving down a road or stairs. Thus consciousness is clear, and the body falls into a deep sleep.
You should start a dream journal, writing in it every morning dream event with all the details. You need to understand what is all happening in a dream.
To enter into a conscious sleep heavily in a tired state, so newcomers to taste better in the morning. To set the alarm to Wake up early, eat Breakfast, do household chores, and after a couple of hours to go to bed again. Thus it is necessary to constantly think about lucid dreaming, want to get into the lucid dream and make it happen.
Of normal sleep, it is also possible to get into a lucid dream, but it is much more difficult, as during sleep you need to enable the mind to determine that you are in a dream.
The easiest way to get to the dream possible with the help of ambient sounds. For this you need to go to bed in complete silence and darkness. Close your eyes and listen to the darkness, gradually begin to appear unusual sounds, so the man falls into a dream. If sleep will be terrible and dangerous, you should force yourself to Wake up.
Once in a lucid dream, you can walk through walls, fly, run on water and behave as you want, contrary to all stereotypes and beliefs. Disappears dependence on the opinions of others, no one will condemn for any actions, you can do everything. Barriers no longer exist.