First we need to accept the fact that we ourselves are responsible for all what is happening to us. Even sickness and accidents-best, some part of us wanted to see it happen. If you do not recognize this, the following steps will have no meaning.
So, the work itself directly with the subconscious. Select the problem that would like to work. Take a comfortable position sitting or lying down, close your eyes and relax.
Look inside yourself and mentally say: "Dear subconscious, I am asking you to communicate with me. Please show me a Yes". Here it is necessary to watch their condition. Can come any way, to pull finger, become hot, etc. the Signs can be very different.
If you are not sure that correctly understood the sign, ask the subconscious to show him again, telling him that you need it is better to remember.
Likewise, ask to see the answer is “no”.
Now ask: "Dear part of my subconscious that is responsible for the fact that the name of the problem, are you willing to talk to me?" If the answer is negative, put the work away for another time, perhaps, you are not ready to solve problems or just tired.
If the answer is "Yes" ask the following question: "What are my thoughts, feelings, actions, and emotions has led to the fact that the name of the problem?". There may arise some thoughts, to float images or memories. The question can be repeated several times until you feel that you learned everything. Emphasis should be placed on the word "MY" because it is your thoughts and actions resulted in this situation.
The next question is: "What is the positive effect of giving me the name of the problem?". The question can also be repeated several times.
Then follows a very important part. Ask: "Dear subconscious mind, using all my imagination and all my creative resources, create, please, at least three new ways of behaviour to achieve a positive effect. The new behavior should be more efficient, more beneficial to me and the world. When you create the first method, please show me a Yes". Usually the answer comes after a few seconds.
When all the three answers received, ask: "Dear part of my subconscious, do you have objections to new ways of behavior?" If the answer is "Yes", you need to ask the subconscious to replace a method with another.
After the correction ask: "Dear subconscious, if you're ready to take the responsibility for the implementation of new ways of being in the right place at the right time?". If there is a positive response, say: "Then carry out our plans!"
After that, you must thank the subconscious and to complete the communication.