Preparation and sleep

Most beginners to engage in astral practitioners mistakenly believe that to go to the astral plane best before going to sleep, many are also trying to make it day. They believe that it is necessary to use special methods of relaxation. However, such methods are almost always doomed to failure, because in these intervals the consciousness of man is in the most awake and to relax it force extremely difficult. The best time for this practice is early morning, when the man wakes up. Try to create the room necessary atmosphere (close the Windows, pull the curtains, get rid of extraneous noise) and go to sleep in any comfortable position for you with the intention that in the morning you have to go to the astral plane. It is also recommended to run the practice alone to avoid any distracting actions.


Waking up in the morning, your task is immediately aware of the fact that you Wake up, and try not to move. This can be extremely difficult, most people are not aware of the moment of awakening for tens of seconds. If you are able to quickly (within the first 3 to 5 seconds) to realize that you Wake up and don't move, you will feel that your body continues to sleep, unlike your consciousness. This condition lasts very long, all subsequent steps must be performed exactly in this period of time.

Instant astral

Reaching the desired state, you will in any case should not waste time. There are many ways of further actions to go to the astral plane. For example, just try to get out of bed, but do it physically, but only by the power of intention. It is important not to imagine performing this action, namely to do it. In normal daily life it is difficult to imagine how such an action should be performed, due to the fact that the brain is awake constantly receives signals from various parts of the body.

Upon awakening the brain is almost free from these signals that occur when this activities will be similar to the phantom. If you manage to complete this action (to get up), consider that you are not already. Signs of success can be many, for example, just look around and look for the inconsistencies seen reality. However, very often seen after astral seems so real that people believe that it did not work, and ceases to practice. The understanding that he went to the astral plane, comes only after the experience.

Gradual astral

If after awakening you were not able to go to the astral plane immediately, do not stop the experience, do it gradually. Also, there are many techniques, for example, start to take any action with hand, hand with only one finger or any other part of the body. Again, the actions need not be physical. An important condition at this stage, as in the instant exit from the body is your determination.

You must perform this action, not doubting that it will lead you to the desired result, you must carry it with confidence and very aggressively. After some time, you will feel that part of the body that you are trying to move, starts moving really, you will feel this movement. Once that happens, you must quickly return to instant astral, i.e. to get out of bed. By the time such movements of the body will manifest itself, you won't have questions about how to get to the astral plane, you will already know this. If you go to the astral plane and now fails again go back to the manipulation of separate body parts. Repeat these steps again and again, until you leave the astral plane, or fully awake.