Choose a quiet place, draw the curtains, turn off the phone and turn on relaxing music. It could be the sound of water or birds singing, the main thing that she liked and then I could relax. Take a comfortable position, sit in a chair or lie down on bed, feel the warmth, tranquility and safety.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Forget about the problems. Tell yourself that there is no need to go somewhere or to do something. Enjoy these moments of freedom.
Take a deep breath, feel how the air fills the lungs. Imagine how the body to penetrate healing energy. When you exhale feel how the pain, fatigue and stress leave the body. This energy frees from tension and toxins. Focus on it and breathe. Feel how relax mind and body.
Relax your scalp, eyelids, face, mouth. Go to the shoulders, arms, hands, chest, stomach, hips, then knees, and feet. Feel how the body relaxes muscles, organs, cells, fibers and nerves. They become light. Feel the warmth and ease that circulate. Follow the breath, visualize life energy, feel it inside you.
Now, to take on a deeper meditative level, think of the mind to 21. Slowly. Take a deep breath, say a number, exhale. On the last digit, you will feel peace inside. This is a state of altered consciousness. The body is relaxed the mind interacts with the Universe on a subtle level.
There is an alternative way to take in himself, not counting up to 21, and 3. Similarly, relax your body (from scalp to the soles of the feet), but it only take three deep breaths and imagine a figure 3. Next relax your mind. To do this, imagine peaceful images: a pond with flowers, magical forest, the chirping of birds. It can be anything, it is important to feel comfort and peace. Take three more deep breaths and imagine a figure 2. The last stage is the meditative level. Take 3 more deep breaths and imagine the number 1. This technique allows to change the state of consciousness in a matter of minutes. It will fit if you need to quickly make a decision. To enter a deeper trance, read from 10 to 1. Necessarily in reverse order.
And the easiest option. Lie on your back and look up at the ceiling. Take a deep breath, hold your breath for two or three seconds and slowly exhale. Close your eyes and hold your breath. Continue as long as the eyelids do not become heavy. Do not make sudden movements, breathe deeply and often.