Alarms come in several types: analog and digital. Over time it will find a little security companies who install analog systems, although many of them continue to use it. These alarms are disabled by a call to the security Desk, the Manager deactivates the device after you say the password.
There is a perception that it is enough to turn off the light or break the device itself and a signal to the remote security is not received. This is not so. During the outage there is the necessary supply of energy that enables the protection of the apartment. And if the damage or loss of communication - the dispatcher can immediately see the cause of the failure and sends a task force into the apartment.
Digital alarm can be disabled using a magnetic code or a correctly entered password on the dashboard. Itself is a magnetic key or card held near the reader, hold for a few seconds and then will sound an alarm disable protection mode. Password disable is almost the same, you need to enter the digits and press the enter key, then the alarm will turn off.
It is extremely important to notice the alarm may disable a person possessing the required magnetic key or password. Even if you give the key to the front door to any of their friends or relatives, once in the apartment it is likely to delay your arrival.
If you have lost the magnetic key or have forgotten your password, upon arrival, employees of the security Agency you must show a valid photo ID confirming your identity. Better if it is a passport with proof of ownership of the apartment.