You will need
  • phone;
  • - wire;
  • power screwdriver;
  • - the knife.
Many car owners have spare keys. If you belong to this category, feel free to go for them.
Call the emergency service. Experts can easily open your car with a tool called a scan tool. And the castle will be left without a scratch. During the procedure you may be asked to step aside, as they use the technology is kept secret. Feature of this option is to call the professionals of emergency services makes sense only if you hold a registration certificate for the vehicle. If he stayed in the car, open it will not.
Try to cope with the problem alone. Find a wire and at its end make a loop. This "device" insert between glass and rubber seal. Try this way to catch the door locking mechanism. This method is not suitable for all vehicles, often for domestic options.
Whenever you get the urge to open car without a key, try the following. Cut the rubber seal, pry with a screwdriver and remove the glass pane. Then try to open slightly the door. This can be done using the power screwdriver in the top right corner of the door. To prevent damage to the machine, put the tool under something soft. The appearance of the cracks, push it in the wire loop and slide the "eye" or reach for removing the door lock button.