If you want to bring interest, for example, a pie chart, for hundred percent it is necessary to make one complete revolution, i.e. 360°. In this case, one cent is equal to one hundredth of 360, i.e. a 3.6°. So, to translate to the percent of known values in degrees should be divided by 3.6.
However, to transfer the interest, e.g., the slope of the road, which road signs are denoted in percentage, for 100% should be taken 45°. Slope is defined as the ratio of the height to the distance covered from the starting point of the measurement. From the point of view of the geometry in this case, the slope percentage will be equal to the value of the tangent in the apex of the triangle from which you started the measurement bias. To get the desired value you can use a regular calculator, or to calculate the tangent of a known angle by using an online calculator, or use the tables Bradis. Windows also has a built-in calculator that launches from the main menu on the "start" button. Revealing his need to go to "All programs", then to "Standard" and click the string "Calculator."
For transfer to the interest degrees of the strength of the drinks anything considered not required - these values are equal and determine the proportion (percentage) of ethanol. The degree - of-date designation which is now not used in accordance with the requirements of GOST is replaced by the percent.
The degree of dedication of a new member taken into the Masonic Lodge transfer in interest is not difficult - all such degrees (C) three (Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master). So, for example, the Apprentice can be considered on 67% dedicated to, as each of the three degrees should be added one-third (33.33%).