Advice 1: How to convert Celsius to Kelvin

The most common scale of temperature measurement is the scale of Celsius, used in many countries around the world. The second most popular is considered the scale of Fahrenheit, which are oriented residents of the United States. However, scientific calculations, there is a need of translation of degrees Celsius to other units – the Kelvin.
How to convert Celsius to Kelvin
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Kelvin, formerly called the degree Kelvin, is one of the seven base units defined in the SI system. It is denoted by a capital letter K. In the degrees Kelvin, the count starts from the point of absolute zero, the corresponding minus 273,15 degrees Celsius. Calvin is a 1/273,15 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water, however, at the present time, the international Committee of weights and measures is working to change this definition, which appear too complex to understand. Soon Calvin will be made to Express in a second and the constant of Boltzmann.
In order to convert degrees Celsius to Kelvin the only need to add 273.15 K to the value specified on the scale of Celsius. For example, the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius, in Kelvin is equal to 100 + 273,15 = 373,15. If the calculations do not require high precision, tenths and hundredths of a degree can be lowered by adding to the result in Celsiusx exactly 273. The transfer of Kelvin to degrees Celsius is done the opposite way by subtracting 273,15 from the specified in Kelvin values. So, 450,18 Kelvin can be converted to degrees Celsius as follows: 450,18 – 273,15 = 177,03.
For translation degrees Celsius in the Kelvin and reverse operation only requires an ordinary calculator. However, there is another way of translation units with the help of special programs that you can install to your computer. The most popular of them is the program "Celsius – Fahrenheit – Kelvin. Also to transfer one unit to another is possible with the help of online converters that are online in open access. Such converters normally have the possibility of translating not only in the Kelvin, but in such temperature unit, like degrees Reaumur.

Advice 2: How to convert from Kelvin to Celsius

Temperature is called the average kinetic energy of particles in the system, which is in thermodynamic equilibrium. This implies that temperature should be measured in energy units included in the SI system in Joules. But, historically, that the temperature was being measured long before the advent of molecular-kinetic theory and in practice using standard units – degrees. In international SI unit of measurement of the thermodynamic temperature of the body is the Kelvin (K), which is one of the seven base units in the system. In practice, however, most temperature is measured in degrees Celsius.
How to convert from Kelvin to Celsius
On a scale of Kelvin temperature readout is conducted from the absolute zero – a condition in which are completely absent in thermal oscillations, one degree of the scale equal to 1/273,15 of the distance from absolute zero to the triple point of water. Triple point of water is the state at which ice, water and water vapor are in equilibrium. The notion of absolute temperature, introduced by W. Thomson (Kelvin), so this scale is named after him.
In the composition of the derivative values of SI for measuring temperature used Celsius. Celsius scale was proposed in 1742 by the Swedish scientist A. Celsius and is often used in practice. This scale is tied to basic characteristics of water, the temperature of melting ice (0 °C) and boiling point (100 °C). This scale is convenient because most natural processes occur in this temperature range. In fact, the boiling point and freezing point of water is defined is not precise enough, so the Celsius scale determined by the scale of Kelvin. Absolute zero thus defined as 0 K, which is equal to 273,15 °C .
For the transfer of body temperature from Kelvin to Celsius, Kelvin need to take 273,15, the resulting number will be equal to the body temperature expressed in degrees Celsius.
That is, 1 K = C + 273,15; 1 C = K – 273,15.

Advice 3: How to translate Fahrenheit into degrees

In the world there are three main measurement scale temperature scale Celsiusscale the Fahrenheit and the Kelvin scale. The Kelvin scale used primarily by scientists. In most countries to measure temperature using Celsius. Zero in Celsius is accepted freezing point of water and 100 degrees is the boiling point of water. This scale is used in medicine, engineering, meteorology, in the home. In England, the USA and some other English-speaking countries used the Fahrenheit scale.
How to translate Fahrenheit into degrees
One degree Fahrenheit equals 1/180 part of the temperature difference between the boiling point of water and melting of ice. In order to convert a temperature from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius of the Fahrenheit temperature, subtract 32, and the obtained value to divide by 1.8. C=(F-32) / 1,8. - Temperature Celsius F is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Give some compliance.
1. 0 degrees Fahrenheit -17,8 corresponds to degrees Celsius,
2. 32 degrees Fahrenheit correspond to 0 degrees Celsius
3. 212 degrees Fahrenheit degrees correspond to 100 degrees Celsius,
4. The body temperature of a healthy person is 36.6 degrees Celsius, or 98.2 Fahrenheit.
In order to convert a temperature from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Kelvin, you must add to the temperature in Fahrenheit 459 and the resulting value divided by 1.8. K=(F ? 32) / 1,8. To ? temperature in Kelvin. It should be noted that zero degrees Kelvin is the temperature of absolute zero. Absolute zero Kelvin is the minimum temperature that can exist. This temperature corresponds to -271,15 degrees C or -459,67 degrees Fahrenheit.
The temperature of absolute zero. -459,67°. -273,15°. When translating Fahrenheit to Celsius from the original numbers subtract 32 and multiply by 5/9.
Useful advice
Absolute zero, the temperature at which a thermodynamic system has the lowest energy, 0 Kalinov (K). Celsius temperature of absolute zero corresponds to -273,15°C in Fahrenheit scale is -459.67°F. This temperature is the lowest theoretically achievable by the system. Gas at constant temperature reduction is less.

Advice 4: How to convert seconds to degrees

Measure in degreesAh, minutes and seconds is most commonly used to denote geographical or astronomical coordinates. As in the time dimension, each arc minute contains 60 seconds, and the degree of fit 60 minutes. This sexagesimal system of calculation is saved from the time of ancient Babylon. But in modern systems of standardization, including those used in Russia, the SI uses the decimal calculus, so quite often you want to translate minutes and seconds to decimal degrees.
How to convert seconds to degrees
Share known you the number of seconds by 3600 to convert them to degrees. As one arc minute contains sixty seconds of arc, and one degree - sixty arc minutes, seconds to degrees should be 60*60=3600.
Use the calculator for practical calculations because for calculation with accuracy to thousandths, it is very rare mathematical abilities. For example, it can be a standard calculator Windows. To run it click the "start" button (or press the WIN), go to menu in the Programs section, then, in its subsection "Standard" and select "Calculator". You can do it in another way- to press the key combination WIN + R, type the command calc and press Enter.
Enter the number of seconds by clicking buttons in the interface of the calculator on the screen or using the keyboard. Then click the key with a slash ("slash") and enter the number 3600. Then press the equal sign and the calculator will calculate and show you the value in degrees corresponding to a predetermined number of seconds.
Use online calculators if for some reason a hand there is no other. For example, you can enter a query with the desired mathematical operations into Google search and it will show you the result, calculate it on your own calculator. For example, if you need to find out the value of 17 seconds in degrees, then type in Google this query: "17 / 3600". Press the search button it is not necessary.
Usually together with the need to count seconds and minutes, as denoted by geographic coordinates in the format degrees minutes seconds (° ' "). For example, the coordinates of the most visited places in the city of Krasnodar is 45° 01' 31" North latitude and 38° 59' 58" East longitude. To translate the longitude of the location in decimal degrees, it is necessary for the whole 38 degrees, add minute, expressed in degrees (59 / 60 = 0,983), and seconds, expressed in degrees (58 / 3600 = 0,016). If counted according to the same algorithm and the latitude coordinates in degrees would look like this: 45,025° North latitude and 38,999° East longitude.
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