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Kelvin, formerly called the degree Kelvin, is one of the seven base units defined in the SI system. It is denoted by a capital letter K. In the degrees Kelvin, the count starts from the point of absolute zero, the corresponding minus 273,15 degrees Celsius. Calvin is a 1/273,15 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water, however, at the present time, the international Committee of weights and measures is working to change this definition, which appear too complex to understand. Soon Calvin will be made to Express in a second and the constant of Boltzmann.
In order to convert degrees Celsius to Kelvin the only need to add 273.15 K to the value specified on the scale of Celsius. For example, the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius, in Kelvin is equal to 100 + 273,15 = 373,15. If the calculations do not require high precision, tenths and hundredths of a degree can be lowered by adding to the result in Celsiusx exactly 273. The transfer of Kelvin to degrees Celsius is done the opposite way by subtracting 273,15 from the specified in Kelvin values. So, 450,18 Kelvin can be converted to degrees Celsius as follows: 450,18 – 273,15 = 177,03.
For translation degrees Celsius in the Kelvin and reverse operation only requires an ordinary calculator. However, there is another way of translation units with the help of special programs that you can install to your computer. The most popular of them is the program "Celsius – Fahrenheit – Kelvin. Also to transfer one unit to another is possible with the help of online converters that are online in open access. Such converters normally have the possibility of translating not only in the Kelvin, but in such temperature unit, like degrees Reaumur.